Promotional Modeling

What exactly is Promotional Modeling and how do you excel as a Promotional Model? AJ provided this handy guidebook for you to get an idea of what is expected of you, and how you will get paid up to $1000 a week having fun and traveling with new buddies. AJ himself (also known as Carlos) is in this guidebook!!! 😀

All photos submited to a promotional modeling company should have you smiling your head off!

No moody or headshot looking photos!

Promotional modeling websites talked about in the presentation

You can also sign up with PopBookings. They aggregate promo modeling companies all on one site.

Helpful list of phrases to use

Example of Resume (or CV)


More EXAMPLE RESUMES for Brand Ambassador/Promotional Modeling jobs

Example Bios

Below, A-list Mentor AJ helps Christina with improving her emails sent out to get promo modeling work. See if you can see what she can improve on before you read AJ’s review.

Christina C.

I’m in Houston and am not having the best of luck with Brand Ambassador jobs.

I’m going through the Top 100 hot list and sending out emails. I sent out emails to 15 of them a month ago. I waited and no response. I have another 12 to contact. Here’s my email!

Hi there!

It’s Christina here.

I would love the opportunity to work on any of your projects as a Brand Ambassador or Production Assistant happening in the future.

I have no experience, but would be a great asset to your team! I am a great multi-tasker and have great exceptional organizational skills.

I am super fun, outgoing, hard-working and reliable! I am in great physical shape, I am comfortable working on my feet for long periods of time. I am extremely engaging, and personable.

If hired, I will commit to working for the duration of the project, and I can be on time, for every shift, regardless of any circumstances. I would love to be hired for this program.


This email is definitely way too much. I would over look it as a hiring manager because you telling me you have no experience doing brand ambassador work would turn me away. You don’t need to admit that. It’s the easiest work you could do. A better email would read:


My name is Christina C.

I would love the opportunity to work on any of your projects as a brand ambassador or production assistant.

I would be a great asset to your team and I am a great multitasker with exceptional organizational skills.

Please feel free to reach out if I can help out.

Ready to work,

Christina C

You shouldn’t have to email many agencies for brand ambassador work starting out. You should only be registering as talent at this point. Uploading friendly pictures. And a cover letter if you don’t have a resume.

Brand ambassadors of Houston Facebook group would be a key place to find jobs. You’ll want to be a little more polished with approach in order to really land some gigs fast.

2 things for brand ambassador jobs. Don’t email anyone if you don’t have good photos and a resume to add. Just go on the agency website and register/sign up as talent. Upload photos and see what job they have showing up in your area of Texas.

You have to make sure if you are sending an email, it comes across well-written and smooth. If it doesn’t, no one is going to call you or email you back.

Christina C.

I made the changes and edited my greetings, replacing it with the greetings you gave me.

I signed up with the following:
pushmodels/Push agency
Charmed Promotions
Brand Besties
Event Models & Talent

With ATN, I was offered a gig to recruit for a Brand Ambassador job in College Station.

What if you’re not in the US?

Paula N.

I emailed PopBookings yesterday and they said that there’s only one agency that sometimes posts jobs in London. Have you gotten jobs from other American based agency’s in London?


London was the first international project I’ve worked and a random friend sent me the job link. The agency was EventPro Strategies which is a US agency that had an international project to staff.
The agency was EventPro Strategies which is a US agency that had an international project to staff.

I would suggest you take some time to google Experiential Marketing Agency, London or England, to see what comes up and explore those options by applying as talent or sending an email introducing yourself and explaining that you’d love to help out with any promotional projects they have coming up so please keep you on their radar. You’re hard working, reliable, and very engaging and outgoing etc…

You can also google advertising agencies there and do the same thing sending an email introducing yourself and stating what you’d like to help them with. Good luck!


Promo modeling agencies in London:

Mash staffing
Piece of Cake
Universal Xtras
Extra people-Mad Dog 2020
Extra People
Next Gen Recruitment, LTD
Synergy Promotions Ltd
Star Now – Has a list of promotion jobs
Elite Promo
Mash Staffing

Background Artists (Film Extras):
Universal Extras
Casting Collective
Ray Knight Casting
Guys and Dolls Casting

Companies to sign up with!

You can sign up with PopBookings. They aggregate promo modeling companies all on one site. – It gives you access to the top 100 promo agencies in the USA that hire international talent too. You just have to select UK/London as your work market.

Promo modeling agencies in London: – It gives you access to the top 100 promo agencies in the USA that hire international talent too. You just have to select UK/London as your work market.

Mash staffing
Piece of Cake
Universal Xtras
Extra people

Sign up for Facebook groups for promo modeling!

  • Look for brand ambassador groups to join on Facebook: Example like this group so you can have direct access to all the paid events happening right in your market.
  • Brand Ambassador and Promotional Model are the same thing.
  • Make sure you get pictures with your branded shirt on and whatever you end up working on in the background. : )
FIF Mentor Melissa L.M.

IndyCar I found on Craigslist and responded with my pictures and resume (or CV). I’ll attach examples of the resume (or CV) I created based off of AJ’s videos.

It was a Brand Ambassador position.

So we relocated to Arizona and I just got called from a production company based out of Toronto looks like I’ll be working with them next week. Their just calling my References right now and said I’ll get confirmation today just thought I’d let you know…

Arizona Brand Ambassador

What to Say

Helpful list of phrases to use

Brianna S.

I landed my first Brand Ambassador job! I thought it would never happen. Thanks to all the videos Janet posted and really paying attention. Now I know I can for sure DO THIS!

Here is the first email I sent.

Here is the email I sent for a different brand ambassador gig.

Here are the photos I sent.

Example pictures to get you work


Hi guys! I wanted to share some examples of the type of photos that will get you booked for promo work.


KEY PHOTO EXAMPLES – That will get you hired as a Brand Ambassador/Promotional Model



Being accepted is great. It just means they like you enough to hire you. It’s best to follow up by email. Every week or 2, I would send an email saying

Hi Jane Doe!

It’s Miranda here! I would love the opportunity to work on any of your projects as a brand ambassador or production assistant happening in the LA metro area. Please keep me on your radar.

Ready to work,

John Doe

Anything short and sweet will work. In the meantime keep your eyes peeled on new gigs they post. A lot of people want these jobs and it’s always best to look out for them as they pop up so you can be the first few to apply. We have entered into prime season now so gigs are literally happening everywhere.

Here is another example:

Hi Jane Doe!
It’s AJ G here. I wanted to check in with you so that you can keep me on your radar if any events come up in the Dallas (example) Market that I can help out with.

I’m very energetic, hardworking, and reliable. Please keep me in mind.

Ready to work,


How to handle scheduling

Trashawnda B.

PS: Guys it’s not all the best, I overlapped two gigs and one wasn’t happy at all! She was still willing to work with me. I believe that was by chance!

I got so excited and started saying yes and not knowing if I’m already booked.

Word of advice write everything down and keep it close to you at ALL times!! WAIT! One more thing I signed all my emails with *Ready To Work!*

If you get rejected, it’s most likely not about you


In the beginning. I’ll never forget. I wanted to work this soccer tournament that a lot of my friends got hired for. But the client wanted Spanish speaking brand staff. I don’t speak Spanish so they rejected me and I was so sad.

However, I found a production company who needed production assistants to help setup and tear down staff for Adidas who was sponsoring the tournament. When I arrived the last day to break down, OMG!!!!!!! Everyone spoke Spanish and other languages and barely NO ONE spoke English. I was so uncomfortable. Good thing was I didn’t have to engage with any consumers.

That experience made me understand why we get rejected. And why you should be thankful. Had I lied and said I spoke Spanish a little, I would have stood out like a very uncomfortable sore thumb.

Just yesterday, I had 2 twins reach out to me about a project we are working in Miami next weekend. One was upset that the other twin didn’t get confirmed and wanted to find out from me why the client didn’t choose both. After speaking with the booking agent, I discovered, they had already hired Hispanic staff and if they hired both twins, it would be too many Hispanics. It would look like a lack of diversity for this particular client who is big on diverse staff/teams. They couldn’t tell the talent that but they told me because I’m an insider and the manager of the event. However the twin were concerned that the client didn’t like them or they had bad work ethics and it was neither of those things. So remember. Rejection is good.


Ania N.
One of the days when I did acting in the morning and Brand Ambassador in the evening! And I loved it! 😀

BA job pay is $230 per 10 hours. I have been working for Google for 4 days, travelling to different cities. All expenses are paid (hotel rooms, flight tickets, transport and per diem food). We’ve got training to speak to customers about google-account, privacy check and hand out flyers. It’s really fun work&travel!

Acting gig. I worked as PA with these student filmmakers in September, now they asked me to perform! How cool is it, huh? :)

Jocelyn N.

Finished working 2 Music Festivals back to back (7 days)!

Found this gig in EVENTS on Craigslist looking for Brand Ambassador work.

I helped set up/ break down multiple booths (including VIP) and managed retail sales for a Bodega that sold everything from flip flops to sunblock.

I was paid cash (+tips) at the end (@$950) #❤️

Jarrod Z.

FOCUS=Follow One Course Until Successful

I was gonna send Janet Urban an e-mail but we all like it better when we spread the good vibes, yeah???

So… guess who just booked his first Brand Ambassador spot locally? This guy! What am I, a week into this program? Haven’t even ordered my business cards yet! I’m on a roll, changing the universe to accommodate what I’m truly aligned with! Got myself some initial funding to start it in the first place, then just a little effort to find the local work which gets a few immediate $$ results! So far so good, I shall continue to follow the wisdom to a “T.”

Gratitude to Janet!!!


WOW!! This is super exciting! Did you get this job by following the bonus promo modeling training? How did you land that job? Craiglist or signing up with them? DETAILS please!

Jarrod Z.

Yes, I followed the bonus module on promo modeling. I found this one on Craigslist, and have been applying like mad to anything else I find, following other wormholes online. I’ve applied with PUSH, too (your recommendation on the bonus module)!

I submitted interest, and a human being called me! I was in the shower, she left a message with a call-back number. She sounded happy that I called back a mere ten minutes later.


Haha, there you go!!! That’s very exciting!!! SLAM DUNK!

Eduardo V.

Happy Happy sunday everyone!! Yesterdays live call with Goran was fantastic. Loved it!

I have a question however. Today I’m going to start looking for work a in Promotional Modeling. From what I’ve learnt I should have some one who referred me to them. What should I do if I don’t?

help please!

Amber B.

I did the brand ambassador gig today. I found it through Craigslist and they had a lot to dates listed to choose from. I looked it up to see the reviews and them emailed them. I heard back within a few hours later and before I knew it I was filling out paperwork online and the w-9 form. I found them myself, I don’t know anyone that does it to get refereed to.

Eduardo V.

ok ok. I see. I just e-mailed one of them I found on craiglist. I didn’t say anything about a referral. I just sold myself the way I learnt from AJ on the videos and sent them 3 photos of me. This is my first time doing this. I hope they get back to me soon! Wish me luck!

Thanks for the feedback Amber! :)

Jarrod Z.

I’m doing promo modeling & brand ambassador stuff too. This is the kind of thing you actually can respond to public postings for, but it’s just plain easier if you’re referred. I have no one to refer me to begin with, so I started with Craigslist, and any other general job search engine (,, etc.). Feed different search engines separate keywords “Promotional Model,” “Brand Ambassador,” and “Product Demonstrator.” Pursue the results of each different search. Be organized, otherwise it’ll get confusing to keep track of products vs ad agnencies vs their campaigns, etc. PUSH Models is the biggest and most exciting, but also the slowest because they’re so huge. Start locally and spread out. You’ll be applying more than working in the beginning. But once you’ve applied a lot, THEN you’ll start getting a lot of calls and e-mails.

Eduardo V.

Awesome! Thanks for that Jarrod Zinn it helped a lot! It’s always great to know I’m not on my own on this. That’s currently what I am doing. I am applying and applying and applying. Just about done with craiglist and then Ill be moving on to a more powerful search engine. Thanks again!

Jarrod Z.

Just booked more Brand Ambassador work: a whole weekend in Woodland Hills at a Pet Adoption event for Petco, and another one in Santa Barbara demoing a contraption for pouring wine without uncorking the bottle! Getting ready to conquer my L.A. traffic anxieties by booking work there! :D

By the way, I think my selling point was when I said in interview, “It’s always been a challenge to get people to NOT like me!” :P :P :P

Lovin life…

Tovah H.

Want to share my 1st Brand Ambassador/Promotional Model gig!

I had the opportunity to work as stage crew for the Beyonce and Jay Z OTR ll Concert this weekend.
Wow! There is so much to learn in stage production.

Building my resume one day at a time!
PA- Stage Crew

I got to work with Beyonce! All SMILES

Eduardo V.

Hello everyone!! Haven’t posted in a while, but yall keep me motivated and I have been focused. I just want to share with you guys my first gig as a brand Ambasador. Back when I was stuck working 40-60 hrs a week doing the same old repetitive stuff it seemed impossible to me to have fun and make money at the same. I was afraid of quitting. My brain wouldn’t let me. I stopped listening to my brain and started listening to my spirit. Now I get to meet new amazing people in every job I get plus I get paid way more than I did back then. All this and much more is always possible when you believe in yourself. Thank so much Janet Urban and all the FIF Mentors for being such an inspiration. What you are doing is just so truly wonderful!

Here are a few photos from my first GIG with State Farm under EPS. $19/hr. This was a “Bubble Run” I guess you guys can say it was a real “bubbly” time hehe. Good Day everyone!

Eduardo V.

The first step I took towards gaining an awesome job like this was signing up with Friends In Film. I listened and decided to join the mentorship program. Yes, I had some doubts in my head. I don’t think they ever go away. I simply chose to stop letting them run my life. They never got me anywhere.

I started focusing on everything that can go right by believing in myself. After I joined the program I found out it offered a way to get flexible jobs so I can make money while I do the mentorship. It’s called “Promotional Modeling”.

As soon as I saw that. I was all over it. I watched all the videos, read all the comments, and took piles and piles of notes. After that I went on craigslist and and applied everything I had learnt.

I made 5 calls in 1 day. The next day I got 3 calls back. Even though I had no experience in that field, the training provided in the mentorship program propelled me in the right direction.

Within 2 weeks of me making the calls I was already getting booked!! :-)

I’m currently under 2 Brand Ambassador companies EPS and MKTG one paying me $19/hr and the other $25/hr!

The best part about this is you get to choose which days of the entire month you can and are available to work!

Freaking awesome right!? All this and so much more is always possible when you believe in yourself and get surrounded by peeps who truly only want to see you grow and succeed!

Trashawnda B.

AJ G Promotional Modeling video on how to sell them with with an EMAIL! I was so WORRIED (for no reason) and I haven’t stopped receiving phone calls and emails OMG even text messages!! His insight on how to sell them is 100% legit! I have had 4 gigs in three days! And I’m only in Module 2!!

Thank You Janet Urban your methods are Amazing!!

Latu A.

I have a brand ambassador gig tomorrow!! With the training in FIF on where to find Brand ambassador and promo model gigs I was able to book this. It’s the 4th of July holiday but I’m happy to still work knowing I’ll be able to use this toward the program :)

Mayte A.

Yaaaay! Congrats! 🎈 I booked my first one too!! Mine is next week!!!! :) and yeah it’s the fourth but you’ll have fun I’m sure!

I got my work through Craigslist for an upcoming event in the Sports Authority Field here in Denver! It’s sponsored by Toyota for the 2017 gold cup I believe! It’s with The Hype Agency. I looked them up and they look legit. Super excited 😊 I got the part because I’m bi-lingual and my photos and resume (or CV) looked good!

Latu A.

Omg so exciting Mayte!! Wow Toyota😍! Ur gonna kill it no doubt !!

Amber B same ! I used Craigslist- I just researched brand ambassador Seattle area lol. I’ll be tabling for a new bike share program coming to Seattle called Spin Bikeshare! I just emailed the contact I saw on the post with my resume (or CV) and formatted the email similar to what AJ shared with us on that training and they responded a day later 😃!


Michael M.

Greetings everyone. I have ordered my business cards. Yay! I am currently trying to secure Brand Ambassador/Promo Model work to get things moving and have a question? I have requested joining several groups on Facebook and am waiting for acceptance.

I have noticed through online sources like Craigslist that there are several companies that post for Brand Ambassador work but are not promoting gigs/events, but are looking for full/part time employees and offer meager compensation. Is this avenue for securing Ambassador work fruitful or will it delay progress in this area? It seems to me that experience would be limited and would likely refer to more survival job participation. I welcome any advice. Thanks.


Not all brand ambassadors jobs entail giving away free stuff and promoting a service. It is true that some brand ambassador jobs are sales job and require you to work like a 9-5 schedule representing/pushing sales for a brand or several brands. Some people love it because they want a traditional schedule like that while freelancers prefer to do it for fun on a more flexible basis.

So if you want to have a survival type opportunity/schedule – go for it. Otherwise you can stick with working more flexible and non sales jobs. Choice it yours really. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.