Want a full-time career as an Actor or Filmmaker?

This mini-course contains 4 videos that will teach you how to work for Netflix, Disney, MTV within as little time as 3 months.

Video 1

The Framework For No Connections To Full-Time in Film

How do you get working as an actor, director, producer when you’re just starting out?

Video 2

Is It Really Possible To Work For Netflix?

The secret behind a successful career and getting hired again and again for what you love. (Hint: it’s not how good you are.)

Video 3

Let Me Show You How To Make It All Work

Wondering how you can become in-demand? Here’s how.

Video 4

How you Can Live The Dream

Ready to Go to the Next Level?

Join me in my NEW Perfect Career Intensive this weekend, where you’ll learn LIVE to use whatever skills YOU have (you don’t have to have any prior film experience) to get on top professional work. Actors — get an AGENT by the end of the 2021! Let’s crush it together.

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