How to become an “inside actor” creating an amazing acting career from working INSIDE on paying professional film sets.

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Here's the life of an "Inside Actor"

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Hi Friends,

Imagine feeling the life you always wanted is possible again.

Starting each day, walking onto a film set, coffee in hand, greeting everyone. Just another day in paradise.

Here’s the secret—You need to become an “inside actor”, an actor who works in front of and behind the camera.

An actor who gets acting opportunities from being on set. Who works in the film industry instead of a survival job.

Most people get discouraged from trying to become an actor through “The Traditional Way”—having a survival job and auditioning.

But month after month, you find very few opportunities that lead anywhere. All you can find is background work.

You’re not getting those opportunities that start a chain reaction of roles being offered to you, so you can actually start your acting career.

That’s because—being outside the business, people don’t know you.

So you are not even considered for opportunities.

We need to change that.

When you need to be growing and learning every day on film sets.

You need to meet like-minded artistic people…and act in their projects that go to Sundance and Cannes.

To start becoming known for your work. Traveling the world.

Shooting “on location” to Costa Rica.

Staying at a swanky resort. The film set is under the palm trees on the white sand beach.

Once you build the skills to work on film sets, you can live the film lifestyle.

It’s the best in the world.

Here is me 25 years ago.

Sitting in a cubicle all day, my first job after college, with a feeling of dread, “This cannot be my future.”

I always thought I’d do something unique and special—something that mattered.

But here I was in a cubicle making sales calls.

There was a decent salary. There was health insurance. But everyone was dying a slow death of no purpose every day.

While I knew I was meant for so much more, I felt lost and confused about how to change.

Fast forward forward to today, I work with world-class directors like Damien Chazelle (La La Land, Babylon) and DP’s like Rodrigo Prieto (Barbie, Killers of the Flower Moon), every week.

I work with celebrities like Brad Pitt and Samuel Jackson, Jenna Ortega, Beyoncé, and Taylor Swift.

I run Friends In Film, which is responsible for the careers of so many actors, producers, writers, production designers, who work in major TV show and features for Netflix, Amazon, Disney, and Marvel, some of whom have even been nominated for an Academy Award.

None of this would’ve been possible without deciding to go into the film industry and meet the right people to get opportunities.

You will never regret people calling you to work on film shoots.

You’ll never regret learning lighting, camera lenses, and working with scripts, being just feet away when an epic scene everyone talk about… and you were right there.

You’ll never regret learning skills that pay you for the rest of your life.

Suspend your disbelief that this is possible.

If you want to learn how to do this, I want to teach it to you.

I want to help you build a new life working on Netflix-level sets. With new film friends!

And end up in Hollywood, like I am, if that’s your desire.

Meeting all the right people, traveling the world…

And radiating to the world, that anything is possible.

But I don’t just want you to take it from me.

I want you to judge for yourself…

The book is called INSIDE ACTOR because that is exactly what it teaches.

It’s the concepts we use with students to help them get working on major TV shows and feature films, live the most exciting life there is, and move toward their dreams.

But it also works to gives you direction on what to do each day.

Or build self-confidence in your abilities.

Or find shoots to act in, to build credits that go on your resume.

It’s the manual for how you get real world success that should be taught in school.

And it’s only $4.99.

Either way, this book can change your life. It’s 15 years of helping people get opportunities in the film industry condensed into 176 easy-to-read pages.

Reviews from Amazon:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Amazon Customer
Love Janet! And her book!

This book is a short and sweet guide on why it makes sense to work on set. You can spend 10 years waiting tables and acting, and likely get nowhere, or you can work on set and be multifaceted, and learn about the ins and outs of the industry.

Using her methods, I was able to work on shows for Netflix, Disney, Bravo and MTV, just to name a few. I also became SAG-eligible, and got an agent!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Candice Arnwine
A True Gem 💎

Absolutely love this wonderful work of industry knowledge! I am an artist and at times I get lost. This book has already given me clarity and a to do list that I am working on to get into the industry on a day to day basis. I am an Actress and this is the blueprint for actors.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Steven Bastien
You Will Learn By Doing!

I don’t even know where to start. The day this book came in, I went straight into reading it. As I was reading this fabulous book, I found myself commenting out loud on the many secrets I discovered on how to navigate this ambitious, yet exciting road as an Actor/Filmmaker.

I felt a wave of different positive emotions as I was learning more and more, uncovering the secrets that would allow me to get ahead in the game and blow the competition out the water. This book is a Gold Mine of information, tips & tricks, and concepts that will guide you on doing what is necessary to stand out from the rest. Seriously people, this amazing woman knows her shit! So if I were you I would order this book ASAP!!

Here’s Some of What You’ll Learn Inside the Book:

    How to get on your first 20 shoots in the city you live today.

    How to build a reel, get IMDb credits, fill up your resume from these shoots.

    Discover the top 10 ways to to build acting credits from working on film sets. .

    Learn how to get a legit agent from having built up your connections and credits.

    Do’s and Don’ts of professional film sets. Film industry has so many unspoken rules. Learn how make a good impression so you get hired back again and again.

    How to tell opportunities… and what’s a scam.

    Have kids? Commitments? Want to start in the film industry but don’t want to confront rejection because they’ll think that you have limited time on your hands and that you won’t be able to commit to being on set.

    How to get over the fears that keep stopping you, so you can make a good living for yourself and your family.

    Why you are never too late. How you can work on film sets and travel the world. And why it doesn’t matter if others cannot see your vision or you have no support.

    How to make the move to Los Angeles. Being an inside actor makes it so much easier because you have many ways to make income and get connected. How to do it all!

    And so much more…

This Works Even if You’ve Been Stuck for Years (or Decades)

People often struggle to create a career that pays them for the rest of their lives in film because they try to break in from the outside instead of getting inside and finding opportunities that way.

What gets us unstuck is building new skills on film sets.

And that process can happen in only a few months when you have the right tools.

Tools you likely didn’t have access to, until now.

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