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Before FIF I was stuck in a cycle of bad habits. Although I still have some of those habits, I am aware of them and working towards breaking them. The new story of my life is growth and happiness. I am pursuing my dream, I enjoy the work I am doing, I am constantly learning and I am discovering new things about myself.

I know that I am not my thoughts. This was perhaps the most profound thing I learned. Bad things can happen, things can go wrong but it is all about how I position those things in my mind.

I have just gotten done working on a feature film in Houston and working as lighting PA on a Comedy Central special here in Houston as well. It was an awesome experience! I learned so much and made great connections for future projects.

FIF has been great in terms of practical knowledge and learning how the industry works but the most important aspect of it for me has been how to change my mentality and they way I think about things.

I think that the biggest asset has been your personality Janet. Your outlook on life is infectious. It has helped me so much!

Thank you so so much! You have had a great impact on my life!

Martin A.

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