As promised… Here is one of our A-list Mentorship calls. I wanted to give you a taste of our calls, so here’s an edited version on the call.

(This is just 1 call, to show an example of how the methods work.) You will learn the methods in the mentorship training modules!)

This call was about Sparkman’s experience as a Director’s Assistant on “Isn’t it Romantic”.

This movie was shot over 4 months in NYC, and starred Liam Hemsworth, Rebel Wilson, Priyanka Chopra, Adam Devine, and Betty Gilpin.

Before FIF, Sparkman was a waitress.

She shares how she got the Director’s Assistant job, how she did the job, how she beat out other people, how she nailed the interview, her resume, her emails, her organization strategy, everything.

One of our best Q & A calls:

To learn what’s inside the FIF Craft Certification program, watch the video below:

Will the program work for me even if I don’t live in LA or NYC?

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Yes, the entertainment industry has changed in the last few years and now there are shoots happening all over the US and the world! London, Prague, Sydney are hopping.

Our methods will work anywhere in the world because the film industry is the same all over the world.

Same film process, same positions, same production company set-up. I’ve worked all over the world and people come from England, Italy, and Australia to shoot here.

Starting in a minor market gives you an advantage because you can get into the film industry where it’s not hugely competitive. (LA is very competitive.)

Also, you can gain experience faster in a smaller market.

Why? People will take you under their wing.

Again, it’s not LA, so people are more apt to take you under their wing and help you.

Finally, the experience you get, makes it easy to come to LA and NYC. Now, that’s a big deal.

You must come to LA and NYC with experience and knowing people. Unless, you want to be like all the other people who come and become waiters. But you do know better, cause you know that you CAN get industry experience.

You know how to get “Stand Out” knowledge and it will blow people away!

Why not get you into the business where you live? You can use that experience to move anywhere and work in this amazing business.

I did, many others have, and you can too!

Who is the program right for?

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If you are between 20-50 years old, that’s the sweet spot.

If you are younger than 20, I’ve found most people haven’t had enough world experiences to conduct themselves professionally on a set. There are exceptions, so email me if you want to be considered.

Any older than 50 years old, and people wonder why you want to work as an Assistant. It may seem unfair, but the business is the business. ​

So if you are between 20-50, you are in the sweet spot and you should do this NOW! ;-)

Why is the program 8 months? (with a 10 month payment plan)

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You are going to learn and DO a ton! Basically, you will learn the fastest way to get into the business, and get jobs over other people.

So, that’s not from reading an article. It’s from me mentoring you over a period of time and telling you what to do!

You need to build the right experience, learn how to talk to people the right way, get that “get it” factor and that’s why it takes 8 months. (with a 10 month payment plan.)

The “Magic List” and the “Get on Shoots” method are proprietary methods I teach, to get you on shoots, meeting people, and start getting paid jobs.

FOR THE ACTORS: How do I juggle auditions and working on set?

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It’s always going to be a JUGGLE.

Doing a survival job and going to auditions on the side…or working on film sets, and going to auditions. You will get used to juggling your schedule and making it work.

Sure, you’ll miss some auditions but you’ll also come across incredible opportunities on set.

Those opportunities on set are AT ANOTHER LEVEL that you could never get to, by auditioning. So, it’s a shortcut to the higher level roles, that is really awesome.

Should I do this?

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You already know what it’s like with how you’re doing it now, right?

Ask yourself… What do you want to learn?

What kind of person do you want to develop into?

Do you want to only act (and only know acting) like the most people or do you want to be much more?

Do you want to carry on conversations with people, knowing exactly what they are talking about, and personally knowing the people they know?

If you decide you want to learn it all, how will that make you feel?

More powerful or less powerful?

More confident or less confident?

FOR THE ACTORS: If I get involved in behind the scenes, will people think I’m less serious about being an actor?

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Great question. First, look at it this way.

What you want to learn and do, it’s YOUR LIFE.

What does it matter what anyone thinks?

If you’re going to take the world by the balls, why worry what other people think?

Success is an attitude. If you want to learn production, make a bunch of money and meet a ton of professionals, then that’s how YOU ROLL.

If you are turned on by what you’re doing, that’s the most important thing.

Ever hear Casting Directors say, “Don’t just act.

BE interesting. Have a life.

Do things, cause that’s how you get life experiences that make you interesting.”

Ever heard that?


Be bold about going after the life you want.

And remember, it’s always going to be a juggle no matter what.

Auditions and working inside the business… it will be challenging.

But so will waitressing, low income, and competing with everyone else. If you ask me, that’s much harder.

And that’s what most people allow themselves to get stuck in.

It all boils down to “What kind of person do you want to grow into?”

Will you feel more powerful or less powerful having done so much more?

FOR THE ACTORS: But what if I want to make my living 100% as an actor?

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Yes! That’s the whole point!
Are you satisfied with how you’re making that happen now?

Look. You want to move fast. You want to get more involved.

You want to get your career moving with the right people behind you. How do you do that?

Well, the right people are right there. They are busy working on set.

So you need to get there too. Then, you will meet them and they will know you.

Then, then there will be many opportunities since what we do in the film industry, is make films. ;-)

I know your life-long goal is not to be an assistant.

These jobs are just to get you INSIDE.

You learn the business. You meet people.

This experience makes you exceptional and that’s good.

Why does the program cost over a thousand dollars?

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Oh my gosh, this is so cheap. You are getting handed the keys to a $40 -100,000 career!

And you can pay off the program, as you go through it, with the PAID JOBS you get. Just work 1.5 days in a month, and you’ve paid off the program that month!

You should be working at least 3 days a week! That’s 12 days a month. $200 x 12 days is $2400.

No brainer, if you want to do this. That’s crazy to pay so little for a full on career.

You may have gone to school for this, and still can’t get in. This program shows you how to get in, but also how to go to the top in your niche.

That’s why many people say it’s too good to be true!

So, jump on it now, because I have raised the price several times over the last few years. There is a lot of demand for this program every time I open it up.

Hey, I understand… At this point, you aren’t in the film business yet… you don’t KNOW what’s actually possible.

But, you will soon. This program is focused on getting PAYING JOBS.

I am obsessed with JOBS. That’s all I care about… helping you get paying JOBS.

I don’t teach theory or how to act better. Much of that can be found on the internet.

I mentor you on the most important thing that is not found anywhere and that’s how to come across as a professional so people hire you over others… in the most desirable and competitive business in the world.

If you do what I tell you to do, you will get paying jobs and pay off the program easily.

There is a lot of work out there! This is a HUGE industry! It’s not that hard when you know how to do it!

How soon until I can start getting paid work?

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It’s up to you! This is a lot of training, there is a lot to learn.

But if you want to watch and read it until your eyes bleed, you can implement and get paid jobs right away!

Remember, I’m helping you on the LIVE mentorship calls every week.

It’s up to you! What if I really only want to be an actor?

If you don’t want to work inside the business, then continue with your survival job. It’s not for everybody.

You DO need to think of these jobs as a tremendous opportunity and be grateful for that opportunity. That’s the winning mindset and if you don’t feel this way, then you shouldn’t go down this path.

I’ve never been on set before… what if I won’t be able to do a good enough job once I’m hired?

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If you’re asking this question, I know you’ll do a good job. All you need is to have desire.

People don’t expect you to know everything.

The more important thing is your attitude and wanting to do a great job.

Is it possible to do this program when you have absolutely NO experience?

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You don’t need any experience if you do it our way. You will get experience with the methods that I show you as you are in the program.

Some have been to film school and still can’t get in. Many are actors who had no success and wanted to get going another way in film.

Experience doesn’t matter, you’re going to learn to do it my way. Which is the way that gets you employed by the industry.

If I have no training at all, do you recommend I go to school or can I just do this program?

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Some of my students have been to film school but could not get consistent work. That is very common. Because knowing theory and art doesn’t mean much to working professionals. So, they don’t have the training, you only get the training by doing it on set. You learn by doing.

You will learn more in 1 month on professional film sets than 1 year in film school. You’ve got to have the budgets, the gear, the talent, the lighting, the “realness” of it to learn it.

I accept anybody who has motivation and is a nice person. Anybody who I think can get work on set. Everybody who does what I teach them works in the business and starts their career.

What are some common mistakes that people make that cause them not to be successful with your program?

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Mistakes I would say there are no mistakes…as long people keep going, they are making progress and no story is every the same.

Problems are not problems, they are how we become the person we want to be.

There are hiccups, like stopping because their car broke down and it takes them 6 months to get back on track.

Or trying to break into an area, not quite becoming mainstream there, then moving to a larger market, hit the ground running, and then come back to the area they were trying to get into, and getting straight in. See, no mistakes, no problems, it’s just the path of someone who is DOING IT… and that brings success. Very exciting!

Do you have personal connections to film professionals that you are connecting us to? How do you know there are opportunities where people live?

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I don’t connect people with my connections. I show them how to build their own connections, which is what you will do for the rest of your career.

You need to get good at it, because it’s a freelance industry and you knowing how to make connections, follow up, and get future work from the shoots you are on today, is very valuable. Most people (even those who are in the industry) don’t know how to do this, and have very mediocre careers.

There is enough work to get started within 2-3 hours of any metro area. I have people who started in Omaha, NB. They worked on music videos, feature films, and political videos. If you want to get started, you’ve got to start somewhere!

Then, that person moved to New Orleans and got on big features in New Orleans. He had experience from Omaha and even knew a few people from his work in Omaha. You will be surprised how connected everyone is in the film industry!

If I don’t walk away with a degree from your program, what do I walk away with?

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You walk away with working in the business… which is what you went to film or media or acting school for!

You don’t need a degree, nobody cares about degrees. You don’t need a plaque, nobody cares. You just need your happy, go getter, helpful personality that people LOVE to work with.

Just do it. It is WAY more than you can even imagine. You’ll see.

Can’t I learn this stuff for free on the internet somewhere?

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Not this stuff. To master this, you’re going to learn my methods.

I’m going to watch you take action.

You’re starting a CAREER, not just getting another job.

You’re going to grow tremendously.

How you view yourself and what you think is possible will change… leading to a new income level as well. Very exciting!

Planning on coming to LA?

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How would you like to come to LA and already have jobs lined up?

Imagine walking into an LA production office feeling confident and like you belong there.

You know what to do, you know the lingo, you know the business.

Do you know how much this sets you apart?

LA is the “Super Bowl” of the film industry!

If you want to do this FOR REAL, then come in like a professional and people will welcome you with open arms.

Want to know the best thing about this?

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The best thing is… FREEDOM.

Imagine, DOING WHAT YOU LOVE for a living.

Instead of stale work environments, you’re on a film set.

You’re setting up a shot at the beach.

You’re hanging out on stage.

You can’t even imagine the experiences you’ll have and they will pop out of no where.

“We’re doing an interview with Bradley Cooper. Are you available?”

It is an entirely different lifestyle.

No more 9-5, Monday through Friday!

But seriously, it’s a completely different feeling when people are calling you asking you if you’re available for a shoot… THEM:

“Hey, you want to work tomorrow? We’re doing a music video.”

YOU: “OK! Just send me the map and callsheet and I’ll be there!”

Final words… You’ve seen the case studies. Rarely do you find anything in life . . . that actually changes your life.

This program does. So join us & I’ll be seeing you in the training, in the BAT CAVE and talking to you on the Mentorship calls right away!

Questions? Email Janet! janet (at)