I Screwed Up Working for the Director of La La Land D:

I screwed up working for the Director of La La Land D:     Everyone makes mistakes, whether they are just starting out, on their way up, or at the top. Mistakes at the workplace do happen. Online film school won’t prevent it from happening, being a top expert won’t prevent it, being as careful as possible won’t either.

Be prepared to handle mistakes correctly. You’re going to make them. It’s OK.

The problem most people have when they make a mistake on set is not the mistake itself. Rather, it’s the way in which they handle it.

You want to make as few mistakes as possible, of course. Don’t expect to avoid them altogether. Just handle your screw ups the right way.

Some innocent ways in handling mistakes can mark you as an amateur.

You want to handle your mistakes like a professional. When you do, people forget you messed up in the first place.

In the film industry, people remember you for the way you make them feel. Communicate your mistakes like a pro.

When I screwed up working for the director of La La Land, I didn’t defend myself. There was no point in doing so. I didn’t look good. I took responsibility and never mentioned it again. This is how a professional acts.

It’s OK to make mistakes when you handle them properly. It happens to everyone. People won’t remember you screwed up. They will remember you for how you make them feel.

Be a true professional when you make your mistakes and your career will be fine.

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