How to get unstuck

Do you feel stuck?

There has been times in my life where I felt stuck.

So what did I do?

I strategized.

Hmm.  was that good?   Did it work?   Should you strategize?

Let me fill you in more.

I thought about it and was unhappy and strategized and took action… and I did get somewhere.

But the strategy skewed my results.

See, I wanted something… bad.   Probably much like you do.   You have a dream and you want it bad.

Of course, you’re thinking a lot about HOW can I get this dream?

Who can I meet that can help me get it?

What can I say to them to make them like me?

We CHURN and CHURN these thoughts in our head…. over and over.

How?  How?  HOW?

In this strategizing state that we put ourselves in… (Yes, we have put ourselves in that state)… We see obstacles.

We see lots of obstacles.   And we feel frustrated.

We believe we are not where we want to be today.   We are not happy.

Ah.   That’s not a powerful state, huh?

In this weak state, how are you going to come across?

What thoughts are you going to have?

We come across as desperate.

We come across as desperate because we are!

It’s desperate when we try to get something from other people.   When you say, “This guy is a big DP and connected and I met him.”

Then you are connecting your success to him.

You think you moved forward because you met him.


You have just hurt yourself.

Because you’ve taken your own power away.

You’re connected your chances of success to something outside yourself.

When you should instead say, “I will make myself so valuable and I will do so much, other people will feel fortunate to be able to work with me.”

Now, you work on your own craft, your own knowledge.

You don’t ride on the pants leg of someone else.   Which never works!

How many people have connections with a celebrity?   Has a mom that knows a big producer?   Has a family member in the biz?

What does it do for you?


And it shouldn’t.

They will only be interested in knowing you if you can do something for them.

They don’t want to help you.

They only want to know you if you have helped yourself.

Once you’ve helped yourself, NOW you have something to contribute to them.   Because now you have walked the walk they have.

You have pulled yourself up from rock bottom and gotten someplace.   That’s inspiring.

That way of thinking is something worth talking about.

They would like to have that conversation and they would be mesmerized.   A bond would be built.

Then, you collaborate and you both benefit.

So, if you don’t strategize, what do you do?

I focused on learning.   I became a learning machine.

I became turned on my learning and staying present.

I’m not in my head thinking about myself and what I can get from somebody.

I’m focused on learning and being present.   I’m listening to every word someone says as if it was the last word that ever comes out of their lips.

That’s being present.

You’re not thinking of what to say next.

You’re listening.  You’re learning.

You’re coming up with ideas.  You get on the treadmill and let your mind riff.

Idea after idea.

They keep coming.

You are growing because the ideas keep coming.

One moment to the next is not the same.   You are now different.

You take 1 idea and have some conversations.

You say, “I’m thinking about…. ”

followed with, “Do you have any suggestions?”

You’re not asking for help.   You’re not trying to get anything from them.

You’re talking to them like another professional would.   You’re also going to get some incredible answers.

Which will give you a whole new path to go down.

Then, you’ll be in another place.

Not stuck!

Turned on and blazing your own trail.

And working with professionals the right way too!

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