What to do when things go WRONG.

I had one of my toughest days on set recently.

Nothing was going right.

There was a squeaky sound that was ruining the audio but we couldn’t find the source of the sound. I had equipment failures and had to troubleshoot while everybody waited.

As you know on a film set, every minute counts. It’s awkward to be the one holding up production, and on that day I held everything up several times. 

I could have shrank thrown in the towel and let myself be miserable, but what kind of image does that project to people around me?

I didn’t let these problems, frustrating as they were, defeat me. I knew I had to step up and work to fix it both for my own benefit and for the success of the shoot.

When you’re on set and things go wrong, always remember why you’re there. You want a great career for yourself and all the people on that shoot with you want the same thing. If you let issues get you down and your work suffers, you’re not only hurting your own reputation, you could put the shoot in jeopardy and hurt everyone working on it.

As long as you don’t give up and keep tackling the problems that come up, people will LOVE you for it. In the same way, you’ll love working with people who have their head in the game. Be someone like that and find people like that. Get in each other’s networks.

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