How To Get On A Movie Set As A Production Assistant | Who should you reach out to?

Even people with film related businesses want to know how to get on a movie set as a production assistant. They want to know who they should reach out to. These are people who have expertise that are useful in the industry. They want to get involved in a major big budget production. Whether you are in a film related business, or you are starting out, it’s important to understand that the industry is a networking and referral business. You shouldn’t just send off your resume cold and expect people to take you seriously.

Sending your resume cold to the wrong person is not a good idea. Film professionals have countless people contacting them. Your resume will likely end up in the trash, and you’ll be known as someone who doesn’t get how the film industry works.

Even if you cold contact the people who can hire you, it will be difficult to get people to pay any attention to you. They already have a list of insider people who they want to work with. Again, your resume is probably going in the trash.

The film industry is different from the ordinary work world. Everyone gets hired by referrals. You aren’t likely to get added to their hire list by cold contacting them. They usually don’t like to take a chance on someone they don’t know. They probably won’t take a chance on you, no matter how impressive your credentials are.

It’s a circular challenge. You need to know someone to get in. To get in, you need to know someone.

The film industry is a who-you-know-to-get-hired business. Even if you have the credentials, it’s tough to get on the set of your choice if you don’t know anyone on that set.

Not knowing how to get hired on a film set is one of the biggest factors that keep people locked out of the industry. It’s why the world is full of stories of people who tried and failed at working in film.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can get into the film industry. You can work on the set of your choice.

The film industry is booming, and people are breaking into it every day.

They are going about contacting professionals in a different way than the methods in the ordinary work world.

You need to break the circular challenge and get on set.

Once you get on set, you need more. You need an edge to connect with people and get on their referral lists.


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