How to be a working actor

I’m gonna share with you something that I only teach my mentorship students, but you know what, I just feel like sharing it with you today. That is how I find the best people, that are the working actors, all these people are working with.

How do I find those people? I know if I find the best people and I get training from those people, then I’m gonna be connected. I’m gonna have great training and I’m probably gonna be moving the fastest.

So, how do you do that?

Well let’s talk about working actors. Who are all the working actors in your town? You’re like – “I don’t know”.

Well, how you gonna find that out? One thing I would do is I would go online and I would search for all the agencies that cast principal actors. Then I would look on the roster I’d see who all those working actors are, I’d make a list of them, then I would go on to IMDB, and I would see what they’ve done.

Then I’m gonna see who are all the main working actors in my town. I’ll know what they’ve done, then I’m going to reach out, and I’m going to contact them.

I might decide to contact five in a week so I might decide to contact 30 in a month. I might just call them up, introduce myself, tell them that I am also an actor, and that I would love to meet them for coffee and to talk about acting.

Actors love to talk about acting.

They love talking about how they got to where they are! They love to help each other too. Most of them do.

You’ll probably come across some that don’t, who cares? Just let those guys go. You know how many times I’ve been hung up on?

It doesn’t matter, IT DOESN’T MATTER!

Your success has everything to do with you taking bold moves and that’s what your success has to do with. Taking some bold moves and not being afraid of people hanging up on you. You know, I don’t like it but I just kind of race that really fast and move on. That’s okay, anyway that’s not gonna happen to you.

Call the working actors in your area and just meet them for coffee or just ask them some questions over the phone. Or just ask them some questions through email.

I did this, I did this over and over again. I did this in South Africa, I did this in England, I did this in Los Angeles, and that’s how I got into the business.

I would just call people up. I would find their phone numbers and call them up. So you can get their email addresses, you can send email to LinkedIn or through Facebook or through IMDB, just get in touch.

Go straight for the people that you want to learn from, just go straight for them and just say – “Hey, I love what you’ve done. I’ve looked into your IMDB, you’ve done some great things! I love your type. I love your work. Can you just tell me what was your process of getting there? Who did you study under?”

Those are my main two questions “can you just let me know?” something like that. This is just so simple and you know when you ask people direct questions like that they’re just gonna answer – “oh well I did this and I did this” they’re just gonna tell you. And it gonna feel like they are kinda maybe too _________ a little bit.

That’s what you want.

Go straight out and meet the people that you wanna meet and make your life turn out exactly the way that you want to turn out.

Talk to you soon.

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