Elias who is talking in the video below, is a Founding Member. He started in Omaha, NB. Worked his magic in Omaha and became a main player in that market. Then he went to New Orleans. He actually roomed with Andrew. (which many of you know and love!)

It was their idea to move New Orleans together and break into the film industry.

I mentored them along each step of the way.

BOTH got on major motion pictures and worked the entire time they were there. 3 months. $$$$.

Both got major connections. Elias landed an assistant job with a MAJOR player here in LA. He lives in a mansion and has his choice of 6 cars. Has a personal chef. Travels all over the country and eats in the best restaurants. And make major bucks each month.

I know it’s crazy. This guy knows everybody. Major, major hook up.

Andrew also landed a major connection with a 3 time Oscar award winning Special Effects make up artist, Greg Cannom. 3 Oscars. Heath Ledger, Batman. Google him. That’s Top of the game.

Greg knows everybody. He LOVES Andrew.

In fact, Andrew spoke with Meryl Streep the other day. Greg has hooked up Andrew with HIS PERSONAL MANAGER.

Crazy. This person is at Oscar level connections. Crazy.

Now, not everybody will attract connections like this. In fact, most people won’t.

But most Friends in Film people WILL. Because you’ve got to be WISE BEYOND YOUR YEARS… Get it?   You know?   You’ve got to be seen as special.   They have to WANT to see you TAKE OFF.

That’s what we do here. Make superstars… Check out the video because this really is the WAY>>>

P.S.  Sorry it’s so dark!  It was getting late and we were still having so much good conversation that we wanted to share with you!