How do you get going as an actor?

I received an email from someone who is not in our program.     She says, "The biggest obstacle I face in this industry is not knowing the business in its entirety.   It seems that there could be  "keys to the kingdom", but they definitely have to be found before you can put them to use."
She feels what so many of us feel, when we're on the outside and we see all this film work happening, and wonder, "How do you get invited to that party?"
The way you get invited is to go to the party.
It's really that simple.   What you do, is get yourself qualified so you are useful on set and in those production offices, and start going to parties (meaning the film sets.)
Then, you meet people who will want to bring you to more parties (film sets).
It's funny that once this process starts, it can really take off… and then your whole world changes.   
Here are some posts from the bat cave in just the last 2 days:
From Kele in NYC:
"Woohoo!! Just booked my first PA gig- an overnight shoot tonight for a NYU student short.    Yay-ness!!   Stay tuned… :)"
Then, only a few hours later, she strikes again!
"I just booked another gig- for an expo in New Jersey.   Just enough time to go home and have a shower and head off again!   Updates soon!!" 
Chanukah is starting to take off too, in Atlanta:
"I just got my first PA gig.   It's for a small production company shooting 3 different commercials for 3 different companies.    It's lo/no pay but I'll be receiving credit/food. This is so exciting   :D"
Then, a few hours later:
"I also just got another PA gig this evening and this time this one is paid.   2 gigs in one day!   I'll have that experience list in no time and soon I'll be on big budget sets!"
Finally, a day later:
"I woke up to a e-mail yesterday for a rush call to be a PA for this r&b artist's new music video.    (Name removed but signed to Epic records)   I get there and it was a blast!!
They said I was the best PA they've had.    I had great time for my first PA gig!!    All in all, getting 3 gigs in 1-2 days because I applied your techniques and just went for it!! 

I'll post pictures when I come back :-) " 
What is going on here?
Well, things get moving when you're on set.   
If it seems like your dream is far away, it is not.
You will learn the business once you get involved.   Then, doors will start to open and things will make sense.

The keys to the kingdom, are just working and getting more work through talking to people on set or in the production offices.

It's such a social game, and it's an easy game, but you have to get inside and work.   That really is the key.   Then, things just unfold.   
How's it for you?    Do you feel you're cracking open the "keys to the kingdom"?     Leave a comment and let me know!

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