Shoot at My House!

Watch this shoot at my house! Getting into the film industry can be a great decision. There are all kinds of creative career paths you can take in the film industry. I work in commercials and I love it.

Are you dissatisfied with your regular job?

There are many opportunities for creative work in the film industry. You can also get opportunities to work with professionals who become your friends.

I knew people who worked on the shoot at my house. Some of them didn’t even know we were shooting the commercial at my house. I’ll never forget their reactions when they realized they were shooting at my place.

The film industry is built on relationships. You can be working again and again with people you like. Often, they can refer you for jobs, and you can refer them for jobs. It’s nothing like the corporate world where you can be stuck with the people you work with. You get to do creative work too.

Don’t know where to begin?

Most people in the film industry start out as a production assistant. The PA is the support for the production, so there is opportunity for you to work with and learn from all different kinds of professionals on set. While working as a production assistant, you might fall in love with a creative job you didn’t know existed.

Professionals can become your friends, like they were for me on the shoot at my house.

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