Her sister stiffed me but I still like her

Today I got an email from someone checking my avail, and I had not seen this person in 10 years!

Jackie is a production supervisor, and I knew her when she was a coordinator.

But we have some history.

She actually coordinated for a “freebie” shoot I did, 10 years ago for her sister, Jane and her sister’s husband, who was trying to be a Director.

We had negotiated a deal and they never paid me.

At the time, I called her and she said to call her sister. I did and that woman (who is now a producer) never called me back. I left a few messages.

So! I never heard from Jackie or Jane again. That makes sense because they were probably embarrassed and would rather forget that they owed me money.

But of course, I never forgot. I think it was something like $400. Not much, but it’s a shock when people don’t pay.

It is also very rare! It’s happened only 1 other time, and the production company went out of business and never paid me.

So, that’s rare for 17 years. Anyway, she emails me for this job. The producer she is working with requested me, so she HAD to call me. ;-)


Well, you know, talking to her, you would think that she has forgotten all about it. And probably she has, I didn’t bring it up.

And we had such a nice conversation, she told me that she lost her mother and father to Alzheimers and she recently quit smoking.

I remember her as being sort of hyper before, and although she still is high energy, she was nice! I liked her.

Here’s the lesson. People go through crazy times. They may be battling alcohol addition or mental abuse or whatever. Many people you come across in this business have all sorts of stuff going on.

They are in a stage in their life and the most likely will come out, better people, so give them the space to do so.

So, I hold no bad feeling towards her, I can’t wait to see her now!

And also, whatever you do that’s not good, not right, it always comes around. The business is small. You will see that person again and make sure you always take the higher road.

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