Do they want my type in Hollywood?

One concern that I hear is – “you know what, I’m just not sure if the industry wants my look. I’ve got this look and I am not gorgeous, I’m not tall, blonde, and you know they don’t seem to be paying that much attention to me. I’m not where I want to be. So I’m not really sure if the industry wants my look”.

That’s a very disempowering thought to have in your head, isn’t it? How can you do anything with that thought in your head?

It’s kind of like, “I just wanna crawl under a rock and die”, and I understand. I’m not blaming you for having this thought.

Let’s just think about what that thought does to you and how are you going to get to be that person that you wanna be?

You’re gonna get to be that person by not having that thought but by having thoughts like:

“I’m gonna go out there to the world and I’m just gonna shown them what I’ve got. I’m gonna do it over and over and over and I’m gonna help a lot of people and I’m gonna laugh a lot and I’m gonna be super involved. And you know what? I just trust that things are gonna work out for me. I just trusted because you know what? Cool people, people that are like this, that are positive and go out there in the world, they just…. things eventually land in their lap. I believe that!”

I want you to say this – “I believe that! I believe that this is a different thought process, I believe that I can do it. I believe I’ve got something. I have value! I believe I’m gonna find my way. I believe I will get cast. Again and again and again I believe I’ve value in the business.”

That’s what you want to focus on because that’s what’s gonna get you there. Also, if you look at all the TV shows, all the feature films, all the commercials… There’s so much work out there!

Look at all the different characters, all the different additives, all the different people out there that are employed by the film industry that you see they’re on the screen. They are there, why not you?

Don’t worry about whether the industry wants your look. Just put yourself out there and just be who you are. Bring it! I mean, that’s the most important thing! Just bring it and then things are going to fall into your lap.

What’s gonna get you there faster? Somebody that’s afraid if industry likes their look or somebody who thinks, “I’m gonna bring it and if they don’t like it like I’m gonna bring it another time.”

Now they’re gonna love it when you bring it. People love it when you bring it and that just means getting out there, just being yourself and going for it.

Don’t worry about whether they want your look, you’re gonna find your niche, like Lena Durham found hers.

She’s such a cool cat. Her look is… Her look, she’s herself, you know? She’s just rocking and rolling out there and I would look at her, channel her when you have that thought.

Don’t worry about the industry! People will love you for who you are and if you just get that, learn to accept yourself.

Get out there and just be too freaking busy to even worry about these things anyway. When you’re working all the time you don’t have time for these disempowering thoughts.

Get out there and make your shit happen. Do it! Only the way that YOU can do it.

Have a good day and talk to you all soon.

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