Directors are like you and me

ahh, just got home from a nice little shoot. 2 day shoot, we shot on stage the first day…

And built a set where it looked like we were shooting from inside a skyscraper! There was even a guy hanging outside the glass, cleaning the windows, and he crashes through the window to get inside.

So, we are setting up and getting ready to shoot.

All of a sudden, there is this commotion, and I see this guy saying HI!, laughing, and hugging everyone.

So, I go over to meet him, I know he’s the Director.

I introduce myself, and he reaches out to shake my hand. And I give him my hand, but say quietly, “Well, I was hoping to get a hug too.” and I smile at him.

I figure someone who has that kind of love for people will respond to that.

And he pauses, and then gives me a big hug. The producer (who hired me) was there too and had a big smile.

Anyway, that started the day off well.

He stopped by several times to talk to me, and then sat with me at lunch.

Now, he’s supposed to sit with agency, client, the people who hire HIM.

But, for some reason, he chose to sit with us.

We talked about where he was from, and where he lived as he was growing up.

He actually sort of had a short attention span, you had to stay on topics he was interested in. A very creative mind.

But one part of the conversation I wanted to tell you about, what that he mentioned that when he was young, he lived in Reno for awhile.

He said he didn’t ride motorcycles or shoot guns, and he didn’t fit in. He said he was pretty unhappy there and had no friends.

Then, later his family moved back to San Francisco and he fit in there.

So, isn’t that interesting.

If you feel that YOU don’t fit in, where you’re at, let me tell you, by following your heart, you will find your people. He sure did.

Now, tomorrow he’s flying over to Europe, and is shooting another film over there and coming back later in the month… his career is on fire!

And he’s very happy! So, this is cool. You just have to make the decision to go after it.

The decision is really the thing, because it propels you to take actions. Lots of actions, that you learn from, and stumble along, and find your way.

So, all of us, have had pain. We’ve all had to find our way. And we are still finding our way.

That’s OK. That’s good!

The journey can be scary. It is uncertain.

That’s good too!

This Director, he is quirky. He would not be successful in many areas, because his mind is different. When you talk to him, he doesn’t try to please you, he thinks about what you said and responds from his brain. But he’s not a conversationalist.

He’s just very creative. And he’s nice too.

That’s what I like about him. I like his eyes, and smile.

So, we are all very similar and there is comfort in knowing that even the most successful people, have hardships, pain, and obstacles, and they turn out, pretty darn well. ;-)

So, you will too!

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