Did I screw up?

Now, I want to tell you about something else.

That's when you haven't gotten a call for awhile from someone who used to hire you a lot…You can tend to start worrying.
"Did something go wrong and they didn't tell me?"

Oh yeah, in this business, people get fired all the time.   It's easier to not call.   Think about it, if you were a Producer and for some reason, like…

You gave the Director a ride home and he made a comment to the Producer like, "Man, get here some breath mints, she smelled like tuna fish."   (maybe you just had a tuna fish sandwich at craftie… totally normal, right?)

Well, that's a ridiculous reason to not get hired back.   But in a business like this, if anything negative is said, some people will just hire somebody else because it's easier.   It's safer.   

This business isn't fair.   You've got to laugh at how wacky it is!

Anyways, when people come and go, decisions get made on any number of ridiculous reasons… you just have to…

FORGET ABOUT IT and ENJOY YOUR LIFE.    Get a latte.    Hug someone.    Feel the sunshine on your face.   Listen to those little, sweet birds chirping outside and say,

"Any day that I'm on top of the ground instead of below it, IS A GOOD DAY."

And it's true!   ;-)


But, not to worry, they called and I'm working with them this Saturday.
So, like you, I too have disappointments, Uggghhhs, and all that.
But it's OK.   After 17 years, I know it comes with this industry.   It's like this for everyone.   

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