Black lives matter thoughts

I thought I had this morning as I am reading the news and learning more about black lives matter, history, oppression and reading about these police forces.

I’m wondering, even in the wake of understanding the racism out there that exists, and it is something that our black people have been putting up with their whole lives, and now the world is getting educated on what that has been and how that feels.

So I’m wondering, how do we go forward? For someone who is black, what kind of worldview do we need to have to be able to have success? so that we are in a great state and can create these amazing lives that we all want?

Of course we all know that being angry, or being guarded, does not let your beautiful light out, and that is so important for people getting to know you and getting connected to you.

So what kind of world view is necessary? If you put on the rose colored glasses, how would you see it?

Will you see your prospects of working in film and having a great life as completely possible? Will you see people being for you?

I believe you need to. I believe you need to come into this with the expectation, but beyond that, the determination that your energy and the person that you are creates your future.

That you have the power to influence the outcome of how everything goes when you step foot on set.

Your energy is important!

I know there’s so much that we could talk about, but I wanted to see and hear from our people, how do you choose to see the world?

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