Birthday on the set

Hello!  Well today is my birthday. And I worked!

But it was a short day, 9 am to 1 pm….

I have so many facebook friends in the industry that when I showed up on set today, everybody was wishing me a happy birthday.

We shot at UCLA today, (that’s why we’re wearing those badges). We shot an American Express commercial with Sam Querry, a young guy that’s one of the top 20 tennis players in the world. It was a sunny, lovely day and we had a small crew, maybe 12 people, lighting, art dept, make up, camera, director, interviewer, agency, sound.

We were all eating lunch (In-N-Out burgers) when the production manager came around the corner with a chocolate birthday cake (a GOURMET one!) and everyone sang me happy birthday!   (Isn’t that just the longest song?!)

Anyways, here’s a picture from today!   Link

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