Background casting

So, here is a list of background casting companies.  Some may be in your area, and if you have some companies to add to the list, please post them in yammer.

Also call the film commission in your area, and ask them, “Who are the main background casting companies in our area?”

We can use this information 3 killer ways:

1.  We can sign up with the background casting companies in your area and do some background work.  Paid work.  $50-150/day.    Observe the film set, watch the PAs, and connect, if you can with the 2nd AD, or 2nd 2nd AD.

2.  We can scan these sites and look for low budget indie films where the PRODUCER or DIRECTOR is doing the casting.  Then, we send them our “Want to work” email.

So, we are looking for LOW BUDGET shoots to get experience on!   That’s where we get our experience!

We can find these shoots on Craigslist, and, but we can also find these shoots on some of these casting company sites.

So, do some checking around and see what you can find!

Indie Film Casting

Project Casting

Southern Casting Call

WSA Casting and Entertainment

Casting TaylorMade

Marinella Hume Casting

New Life Casting

Extras Casting Atlanta

Hylton Casting

Tammy Smith Casting



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