andrew story

Andrew is one of founding mentors.   The other day I asked him how he got to be so darn smart… and so compassionate and caring for others.

What he told me, blew me away.

Andrew has done more in his life, in the last year, than people do in 5 years.   He does it by being AUTHENTIC and a good guy.   Combine that will GO GETTING-ness and you have someone who continues to accomplish.

He has just landed a 6 month gig, working for a HUGE Los Angeles reality TV production company.   He won this job over 2000 applicants, most of which had MBAs and college degrees.

Everyone keeps asking Andrew, “So which school did you come from?”  and he says “No school.  I don’t believe in school for getting me where I want to go…”

Last weekend, Andrew went SAILING with the owner of the company.   This production company employs 300 people!   Holy cow, that’s HUGE.  The owner is happy to hear that Andrew wants to PRODUCE features, because he is opening a new Feature Film division.   Andrew has again landed himself in the right place, at the right time.


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