AJ case study

AJ up and moved to NYC

from Atlanta.   Which actually is a good place for the film industry too!    But he wanted to go to New York City.

So he up and moved to NYC.   He’s got guts.   Hutspah.   (no idea the spelling)

He had a plan though and that was to ‘break into the business’ with this program.

I didn’t even know that until I did THIS case study with him!   You’ll see me ask him and see his eyebrow RAISE when I ask him, “Hey did you move to NYC with the plan to make it with the Friends in Film program?”    You’ll hear his response.   Now that’s documentary filmmaking!   hahaha

AJ in NY

AJ is so generous to put himself out there for all of us, to share himself and what a difference it’s made to get INSIDE the business.

PLEASE write a comment & let AJ know how he inspired you!    Thanks!   Janet

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