Actors: Are you tired of auditions that don’t really get you anywhere?

The problem with auditioning (or self-taping) is that that situation could persist for years and you never get anywhere. It’s really hard to make connections through self-taping. There is no personal interaction.

If you have all the time in the world, then you can do a 9-5 job and keep self-taping when you see something that could be a fit. But most of us want to get an acting career started, so we are very motivated to get roles, find an agent, and get our face out there.

The solution is to get inside, on film sets, and start building acting clips for your reel by acting in people’s professional projects.

This is outlined in my book INSIDE ACTOR.

You have to work on film sets to meet people. You have to become more than an actor, also learn producing, lighting, art, or other crafts so you are on set every week and have plenty of connections.

So, if you’re tired of self-taping and your career going slow and you want to be on film sets every week, join us for our free mini-course and learn the INSIDE ACTOR way.

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