Acting resumes – don’t misrepresent!

RESHOOT!!! The actress said she could ride a motorcycle.

We show up and she’s sitting there on the motorcycle surrounded by production and agency, looking scared shitless.

Anyways, we had to hire another actress and do a reshoot! That may have cost the production company another $50,000! Big money at stake here.

During the audition the actress said she could ride a motorcycle no problem. So everybody believed her and she was chosen for the role. On the day of the shoot, she said she could ride motorcycles… but not that one. That’s lame and was a red flag. It was a regular motorcycle….

For the actress, that looks really bad and most likely prompted a number of calls between her and her agent. Her reputation, and her agents reputation, with production is badly damaged.

The actress’ relationship with the agent is also damaged. As big as LA is, word travels fast. She will have a hard time finding representation in the future. It most likely won’t end her career or anything, but we want to avoid the avoidable.

Moral of the story?

Don’t misrepresent yourself on your acting resume! :-)  Don’t lie at the audition either. Maybe you don’t get one role because you can’t ride a motorcycle, or rock climb, swim, or skydive, but your career as an actor won’t be made by landing one role. It’s going to be hundreds or thousands of shoots roles that define you. 

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