Hi there!

I’m Janet Urban, Emmy-award winning filmmaker and founder of Friends in Film, a group of go-getter film industry professionals who are located in major metropolitan areas of the US, as well as London, Sydney, Vancouver and Toronto. My mission is to inspire and educate actors, filmmakers and writers to take control of their careers and, more specifically, work professionally on TV shows and feature films.

I’m also the creator of the A-list Work-Study, program that gets people on film sets around world working alongside professionals in departments associated with their crafts: acting, writing, cinematography, sound, editing, directing, producing, hair, make-up, stunts, and more.

I’ve been fortunate to be one of the most in-demand professionals here in Los Angeles. I am on set every week, and sometimes even teach from the set.

The film industry has given me a lifestyle I could never have imagined: I’ve traveled the world for National Geographic, won an Emmy, was nominated for an Emmy, and now work regularly with celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Sandra Bullock, Adam Sandler, and Liam Hemsworth. Recently, it was John Stamos, Eva Longorio and Selena Gomez… three different shoots in one week. This is how it can be for you!

What is Friends in Film?

Friends in Film is an online work-study based film school with an emphasis on the creation of professional connections within the Feature Film, Commercial, and Episodic TV community. Students build their careers on professional film shoots under the guidance of on-line mentors, course-work, weekly video meetups, and an online mentorship mastermind group.

We challenge conventional methods with a more direct approach that addresses the rapidly changing structure of today’s entertainment industry. Originally designed for the US market, Friends in Film’s Work-Study has been quickly picked up by students in cities and countries all over the world.

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What else would you want to know?

I’m 51 years old. I live in a 5,660 square feet house 1 hour north of Los Angeles with my husband, Joe and our 2 cats. I met Joe in the Joshua Tree desert, soon after I got back from Africa, and started getting into the film industry myself.

Why did you start Friends in Film?

Friends in Film started when my dad, a high school guidance counselor, asked me to talk to his students.

I started explaining the nature of the film industry, which works through connections. It grew into conference calls, helping people get work in the industry… and all of that hard work eventually turned into Friends in Film.

How do you build a career in an industry that is entirely word-of-mouth?

Get involved in Friends in Film, grow your experience on film sets, and get good. Soon you’ll have plenty of work in film, enough to go full time and do it for a living.

My goal today is to help people build careers where they go to the top of their niche – Acting, writing, cinematography, sound, editing, directing, producing, hair, make-up, stunts, and more.

How to get involved in Friends in Film?

We offer Get in the Biz Workshop, our flagship FREE program, where you learn an INSIDE perspective of the film industry you’ll never hear anywhere, not in books, on the internet or in film school.

From the FREE Get in the Biz training, people have gotten internships, auditions, paid film jobs as well as relationships that lead to film gigs, that have even taken people around the world.

After Get in the Biz Workshop, you can do the A-list Work-Study program, our PAID program, and learn the “A-list System” which gets you professionally into the niches of of acting, writing, cinematography, sound, editing, directing, producing, hair, make-up, stunts, and more.

All the people you see on the case study page did the A-list program and now are full time in the film industry. This is the program that got them IN and working.

Why is Get in the Biz free?

The idea is you’ll say, “Man, this helped me so much, think what the paid stuff can do for my career.”

We keep it pretty simple, direct, and honest here.

Finding Friends in Film is a life changer for you. We have a strong network of professionals worldwide. We often have get-togethers in cities around the world, have parties, go wine tasting, and pass work to each other.

It is a wonderful thing!

If you’ve tried and been discouraged about making a career in this industry, that’s because you didn’t master how to build your business in a word-of-mouth industry. Friends in Film will give you the explicit steps on how to make a career happen for real.