A way to look at failure

I've failed many times over and at some point, I think recently,  it became an experience and not a failure. 

I remember walking out of an audition that I  bombed in about a month ago and thinking to myself, WoW, that was bad!!   Then I just forgot about it.  It didn't kill me or even hurt me and it surely didn't end my career.  It was just something that happened. 

In this business things just happen and it's ok.  You survive and move on.  When you start to relive that moment in your mind and try to trick yourself into thinking the audition wasn't that bad or that maybe they were at fault in their direction, you're doing a disservice to yourself because you're missing the actual experience. 

You need to learn from it. 

Look at it for what it is then extract the good and leave the bad.  It takes some practice and when you finally get it, you won't even know it.  It just becomes how you operate as an actor and that's liberating and powerful. 

Finally, the most important thing is to focus on your next audition!!  That's when you'll really understand the power you have in controlling your destiny.

John Henry Soto

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