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The new story of my life since Friends in Film is a clearer understanding of what I am working toward, and using specific strategies to get there, instead of having vague dreams and no idea of how to get to them.

I considered a lot of different careers as a kid, from psychiatrist to lawyer, pilot to doctor, and even a physicist. I was watching a movie one day and realized I could be ALL of those things and more if I was an actor! So I started pursuing an acting career, going to college for a degree in theatre (and training in a lot of tech as well as digging into the craft of acting).

This led to some professional theatre work after college, and I then transitioned to New York City and started acting in films. I didn’t have much direction as to how to get acting work though, and while I got a few gigs, it didn’t really pan out. So I moved back home to Maine to save money up and come up with a plan for how I was going to get to Los Angeles and work in film. I knew I LOVED being on set.

After I had been working for a few months at a call center (telling myself I was at least able to practice my vocal techniques!) I was referred to Janet’s Career on Fire Training by a friend who wanted me to do it with her. I jumped right in and made a 15 minute video (way longer than we’re supposed to make them, but I was excited!) introducing myself and getting into the program. I knew in my gut that this was how I was going to get my life moving in the direction I wanted it to go.

Once I signed up for the Into the Industry training and started working on my magic list, I realized that it was actually possible for me to make it all happen.

So I kept pushing myself, working on as many films as I could on weekends, driving 5 or 6 hours and staying over at friends’ houses in order to volunteer as a PA on film sets all over New England. I knew I needed the experience, and I wanted to learn as much as I could! I had checked off enough of the experience list and had a bare bones PA resume by July, and had bought my plane ticket for LA!

I found a sublet through Facebook, and lined up some shoots using the Want to Work emails. These shoots have connected me with people who keep hiring me over and over. I know how to make myself in demand. And I am a lot more confident and aware of myself when pursuing work, and pretty much anything!

At this point, I have been working full time on film sets for almost 11 months. I am making enough money to support myself comfortably and still enjoy hobbies like hiking, camping, and occasionally going out with friends. I’ve gotten to shoot at the cave in Griffith Park where they filmed the Batcave from Batman, and a ton of other amazing locations. I’ve worked with camels, donkeys, horses, sheep, and a ton of dogs (there are always dogs around and I love it!). I’ve gotten to work with rising musicians like Grimes and Max on some REALLY fun music video shoots!

Thanks Janet!

Jake T.

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