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Before Friends in Film, I had gotten some on set experience in college. I associate produced an indie film, PA’d on everything from Webseries to commercials, and I had even interned at a production company in New York City while I studied at Tisch! But once I graduated and applied for hundreds of internships with all the major Networks (CBS, NBC, FOX, etc.) Nothing. Then I tried for just ANY paid internship in my field. And eventually just anything included unpaid stuff. It was frustrating because I had all this training and no way to use it!

After joining FIF within that month alone I worked on three different films. 3 months in and I was ONLY doing paid work. 6 months in and I was having to turn down jobs cause I was so booked up! AND I was taking acting classes, going to Agent showcases, and so much more. Heck, last month I recorded my voice over demo in Commercials and I joined SAG in Jan with the money I made from PAing. I didn’t have to put my acting “on hold”. I simply added on PAing and used it as a spring board to get my acting career really moving!

The biggest company I’ve worked for is with Herzog and Company. I get calls from them all the time for work with CNN, Netflix and so many other companies! And the people I’ve gotten to meet!!!! So freaking cool. And not just glancing at the celebrity, but actually introducing myself and helping them out for the day! It’s not Ms. Crowe, would you like anything else? It’s Hey Sheryl! I’m doing a crafty run to bring some water and snacks over while they’re setting up this new shot can I grab you something!
( Sheryl Crowe is super nice btw.)

I love FIF and Janet is totally awesome! 😊

Isabel C.
(New Jersey)

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