Why Auditioning Doesn’t Work

For those of you who want to be actors, the first step to success is to discover why auditioning doesn’t work. Using auditions is the traditional way, and that doesn’t work anymore. For example would you try to find your way into the industry via a traditional acting agency route?

The film industry has changed a great deal. You need to do things in a way that others aren’t. The faster you learn how, the sooner you will be a regularly working actor.

There are millions of actors out there, and way too many film schools and acting schools. Auditioning doesn’t work because the film industry is a relationship business. At an audition, you’re competing with hundreds of other actors, and going in cold.

You can’t go in cold!

Auditions lead to few parts, if any, and won’t provide you with the network of relationships you need to work regularly.

You must be working regularly to accelerate your career. When you work frequently, people hire you and refer you. You make a living as an actor, doing what you love.

There is a clever way to become a working actor. The first thing is to get on set. This is crucial because you need the relationships. People get to know you.

The job that gets you on set is called a production assistant. This job is the support for the entire production. Working as a production assistant gives you the opportunity to work with many different departments.

You get to know people who have the power to put you on screen.

Identify who is who on set. Casting directors can get you on camera, but so can a whole bunch of other people in other positions.

You multiply your chances for success because you get to know not only casting people, but other professional who are in a position to help you advance your career.

You can use the production assistant job to get on set, then move into your craft once you’re inside.

Professionals care a lot about your attitude. If you show a great attitude as a production assistant, insiders will want to work with you.

When they like you, they can mentor you. Relationships lead to regular work as an actor.

People around you tell you not to become an actor because they don’t know any better. The industry secret is that production assistant jobs aren’t limited. If someone on the inside likes you, they may hire you.

You become a working actor by becoming a production assistant, giving value, and building connections that last your entire career.

You develop relationships on the inside with people who can refer you to acting agents and buyers. You get connected with one-on-one coaches too. These people have connections with producers and directors.

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