This is the information you’ve been looking for all over the internet and can’t find:

So many people are trying to find an acting agent. You may be a good actor, with training, a hard worker, and have done a lot of non-union films. You may have a reel. Still no response from a Real Agent. And you can’t get to the next level without an Agent who has access to the breakdowns.

The so-called agents that do respond to you, want money up front. There is always confusion whether they are an agent, a management company, a showcase company… Why? Because they aren’t a Real Agent. But they want you to think they are. They paint the picture that they are the way to get noticed, seen, discovered… and then they take the money… from your pocket, and puts it into theirs.

You’ve got to understand what we’re saying about these “get discovered” so-called agents, PLEASE don’t do anything without understanding this. If you don’t get it, leave a comment on our Facebook page and we’ll help you.

Do you know how many people are willing to give away their hard-earned cash for hope? They don’t even want to know the details, they just want to stay in the feeling that they are doing something towards their dreams…

Hope is weak. Out of your control. Relying on others and we know what you get from others when you’re starting out and don’t know the business yet….

The right mindset to have for blasting forward isn’t hope. It’s FAITH. In yourself. Not in anyone else or any company. You can’t have faith in a “get discovered” company.

When you take the steps to actually work in the industry that you love, you learn the drill. You learn how the business works: real agents don’t usually give you the time of day unless you’re already booking PAYING ACTING JOBS. That’s fair, they only make 10% of your paycheck and they work their butts off for it.

Real Agents are NOT looking for new talent. That’s why it’s so hard to get a Real Agent. They are only looking for people who are already making money. They make only 10% on your paycheck. That’s why you’re not getting much response from them: you’re not MONEY yet.

How do you become MONEY and attract a Real Agent?

You’ve got to book paying acting work. Like $1000-a-day jobs. Then what will happen is an Agent will be assigned to you because the production company needs someone to be your Agent.

That’s why I say you’ll find a Real Agent when you’re ready.

Yes, I know you can’t usually find these gigs. Those types of roles are hidden and happen between Agents and production companies. Yes, that’s the Catch-22 and it’s the way it is.

They want a reel. Credits. Training. All these things add up to you actually landing a role.

Yes, it’s hard. It takes years to get significant credits, years to build a reel that’s actually good. That’s why many actors don’t have much success until they’ve been in the business 10 years…Look up their IMDB and you’ll see this.

Is there a short cut? Yes, Friends in Film is the short cut. Because you get INSIDE the business and can sometimes get access to those auditions that are between Agents and production companies, through being hooked up by people within the production company. Because you can make relationships with people who can actually give you a referral to an agency. In a world where it’s so hard to get going, this is a way to really get going.

Where you can only get on set 10 days a year, you can get on set 100 days a year. That’s HUGE. There is no hope involved here, you’re doing it yourself and if you have FAITH in yourself, you’re going to be successful.

Do you get what I”m saying here about Hope? I want to know! Cause I think it’s the difference between those that make it and those that are stuck in the place of hope forever…

The heck with hope, we want VELOCITY!

In the comments below, tell us: Do you have an agent yet? Do you have any tips to share about agents?