What acting classes should you take?

What acting classes should you take? The best classes are the ones that the most successful, working actors are taking. But how do you find those?

You have to be referred to the best acting classes.

From other actors. Producers. Agents. Managers.

From where you are at today, the easiest would be to meet working actors on set. Make a relationship and get a referral. That’s why I say all answers are found on set. That’s where all the valuable people for your career are.

You will also meet working actors in improv classes. Go where the actors are. Talk to the actors and ask them where they got their training. Since these actors are accessible, they can give you good information.

But the best and easiest recommendations come from actors who are working on set. They are the ones who are successfully making a career. You always want to take advice from those who have what you want.

A note: I wouldn’t sign up for too many classes at once, I would do one class at a time. Remember, if you’re an actor, you’re going to be in class for the rest of your career! You will need to keep your acting chops exercised. Just like your endurance. Your flexibility. Your brain.

Don’t get into any expensive series of classes. Keep yourself available to do the classes that you find out are really good!

For instance, if you want to do commercials in Los Angeles, do Killian’s Workshop.

This is a class you wouldn’t have heard about until you ran into a working commercial actor. Killian worked at casting offices for 10+ years, and realized that actors have no idea what the clients want from them. Casting directors and agents asked Killian to do a class so these actors were more prepared for the auditions and The Killians Workshops were born. Now, agents, CDs all refer their clients to Killian’s.

I heard about Killians on set. All the best information can be found on set.

There are many jobs that get you inside. Like Set Production Assistant, Set office assistant, Assistant Coordinator, Director’s Assistant, Producer’s Assistant, CD Assistant, Agent Assistant, Writers Assistant, Intern. There are some paid internships too.

I recommend getting experience with these jobs in your smaller market, then come to LA with money, experience and connections! Join our Career on FIRE training happening this weekend to learn what you need to do to get those jobs!

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