Where to start to break into the film industry?

Shawn just emailed a great question! He wants to know how to break into the film industry. Here’s what he asked:

I just finished watching one of your videos about a different way into the industry and being a PA can be an option. That sounds great! But I don’t see those types of jobs posted on craigslist or anywhere else. So how do I get a position like that?


I help actors in a huge way… I help them finally get their professional career going!

The actor’s biggest problem is not knowing how to act, but having connections to get the jobs.

You can be a great actor but NEVER get any professional acting gigs. That is why there are so many acting coaches, workshops, script writing classes, etc. out there.  People cannot make a living in the film industry themselves so they teach. Their credits are old and sparse, making maybe $1000 in the business each year.

Our people make $40,000 in the business or much more. If you want to see what you can do with your life, doing it this way, watch each and every video on this page.

I would do this program and start doing the most important thing for your career. Work in the business! Everyone (CDs and agents) will see you in a new light.

All of a sudden, you’re not only an actor, YOU know people! You can work in production offices! On set! All of a sudden, CDs and agents know you as a go getter who is already on set, who is “in demand”! That is very important because almost all actors want CDs and agents to do something for them…. so refreshing to see that YOU are doing something for yourself. That makes them want to help you!

Also, by getting on these sets, you start getting acting work for your reel. You meet professionals and see they are just like you. You feel great about yourself and your abilities, both extremely important!

I always tell actors, if you want to move fast and be seen as “up and coming”, do it smarter. GET ON SET and talk to working actors. Find out what acting coaches they go to…and book time with those coaches ONE ON ONE! Yes, it’s more expensive, but if you’re working in the business, you will find plenty of money to invest in yourself. When you hire acting coaches to teach you, they really take you under their wing, and CONNECT you with their connections.

That doesn’t happen when you’re one of many in a class. I’m sure you’ve seen that.

Bottom line: When you DO more, like when you’re on set working all the time, you get more, you get “Stand out” knowledge. That extra something that makes you different from all the other actors.

Now, you can easily talk to Producers and Directors…and it is SO EASY for them to hook you up with acting roles and other opportunities. I mean, this is what we are doing all the time anyway!!

So, YES! This is the fastest way to get what you want in life.

And it’s super fun! C’mon! You’re working on a film set for a living!


P.S. Have you seen this page? //www.friendsinfilm.com/post-from-into-the-industry-mentorship-program/

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