What’s the difference between holding and being booked?

ACTORS and ALL FILM PEOPLE: What’s the difference between HOLDING for a job, versus BEING BOOKED for a job? Whether you’re acting or doing any job on set, you must know if they are holding you, or booking you.

Why is this so important? Well…

You could take off work and then they cancel the shoot. Bummer! You lost money!

You could turn down another paying gig, and then they cancel the shoot or move the shoot to new dates. Bummer! You can’t do those dates and now you lost money AND an opportunity to work with new people!

So, as a professional, you must know when you’re HOLDING versus BOOKED.

In one of our mentorship calls, I explain to Jake (one of our Friends in Film members) the difference between holding versus booked.

Here’s the difference:

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