What you’re getting wrong about your acting career

Hello everybody! I’m shooting in Hollywood tomorrow, can’t wait! It’s always a blast, great food, great money and every shoot is so different! Check out the shoots our FIF people are on, all the time!

This last month I worked with Seth Rogan, Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day), .

Being a department head in the TV, commercial and feature world in Los Angeles, I work with thousands of SAG actors.

I always love to ask them, “How’d you land the role that got you here?”

And “What’s your secret to consistently getting acting gigs?”

I’ll tell you what I found!

First, there is something about those actors who work all the time.

They sparkle.


They light up the room, they are laughing, smiling, and are super present.

That means they listen intently… always curious, looking to learn.

I was talking to Paul Rudd on the shoot with Seth Rogan and Amy Schumer. At first, he was kind of quiet. Then, we started talking about Boca Raton, his new movie, Captain America, and some other things. He was so inquisitive!

It’s like charm beams out of him. They had to pull him away from us as they needed him on set.

Can you develop this kind of charisma in yourself?


It takes loving people.

Experience. (So you can ask good questions.)

Confidence (which comes from experience.)

The first thing is LOVE.

Yes, that’s a weird thing to think of when you’re there on set, but really, I think it’s a secret weapon.


Because people are drawn to you.

All people!

Directors, Producers, CDs, Heads of departments.

Paul has it. Seth has it. I bet you can too, if you decide you’re going to strive for that level.

These guys (and gals) know the industry like the back of their hand.

They are part of it, producing, directing, writing… in charge of their careers.

Seth is a Director. I’ve worked with him 3 times in the last year, once as a Director. (I worked with Paul Rudd 2 times.)

Anyway, Seth is an actor, Director and comedian, but really he’s always thinking like a Director. That puts him at a different level.

You don’t get that by being like everybody else.

You get it by becoming MORE than everyone else.

That means you may start to really understand filmmaking, start asking some very good questions about it, like:

“Who wrote this script? What else have they written? What was their career path? How did the Director get chosen to direct this? How about the DP? What are we trying to achieve in this scene?”

These are all questions someone who is thinking at a different level would be curious about.

You might say, “Well, I’m starting out so I’m not thinking this way.”

I say, “Get curious!” Because if you get curious, all of a sudden, all sorts of questions pop to mind and you’ll start looking for the answers… and then you are elevating yourself to a different status… a different charisma.

And people will be drawn to you.

Yes! “Become More” is always the answer.

Everyone wants to be around the movers and shakers… so it’s just a slight shift in your thinking that puts you in that category!

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