What are you uncertain about?

I asked some actors what were their top 3 things they are uncertain about.    It boiled down to these 3 things for most people.

1) Not having enough money.
2) Am I talented enough?
3) Am I marketable?

Then, I asked "What are the underlying fears around each uncertainty?"   Their response:

1) I don't want to be broke or be turning to my mom for money because I know she doesn't have it to spare.

2) I don't want all the work/training I've done to be for nothing.  I have tried to walk away from it before and I always get pulled back. I always took that as a sign that acting is what I am supposed to be doing but could it all be in my head and not realistic or attainable.

3) Every time I go into a casting will I be told that I'm not thin enough or that I'm not fat enough as in you are a white girl, you need to be a skinny non curvy. If you don't look like a Barbie doll no one will be interested in you.

Then, I asked them "What are 3 empowering questions you can ask yourself around each uncertainty?"

1)   Do I want a job I love or one that just pays the bills?   Am I learning from each of the acting jobs I'm doing?   Am I learning more and more about myself with each new experience?

2) Have people asked me if something I performed actually happened to me because it seemed so real?   Has someone ever told you, wow you can actually act? 

3) Has anyone told you they love your look?   Have you ever gotten a part you auditioned for? 

JANET'S RESPONSE:    Right! Wonderful job on the empowering questions!

We create our future. We create everything.

There is no WAY IT IS.

The people I've met who have done amazing things, they have big obstacles!    It never comes easy. If it does, then it doesn't get you anywhere.

Nothing easy seems to get you anywhere.   It sure didn't get me anywhere, the hard part is where I got my guts, my balls, my confidence.   It came from that, not from it being easy.

This is not that hard, actually.   It's a juggle, with the acting, the working on sets, the transitioning from a regular job to industry full time.   Not easy always.   But it's DO-ABLE.

Don't fear it being hard.   Know that there is a path, and you can do it, and it may take a little time, but you are in the right place.

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