Success Stories of Friends in Film mentorship students!


Patrick did everything to get people to notice his work. He applied to postings, emailed his resume, and called people. It was going too slow!

See what he did that landed him at Paramount studios and booking consistent film work!

FOR ACTORS: What if you’re an actor living paycheck to paycheck?

Ali used this program to get paid professional roles and makes $4,000/month in film doing it the FIF way. She even paid off $30,000 in debt!

WHAT IF YOU’RE 30-50 YEARS OLD, hate your chosen career,

What if you’ve spent most of your life doing a job you didn’t like, and now the film industry feels like such a long shot? Maybe you thought you could only break in as an actor…

There are so many jobs you can do!

What if you have major debt?! Like over $60K? See how Goran used film work to pay it off!

FOR FILMMAKERS: Can you really quit your job, get paid to travel all over the country as a DP, and make $65,000/year all from Friends in Film?

FOR FILMMAKERS: What if you’re a kick-ass filmmaker already, should you still do this program?

FOR EVERYBODY: Our first TRANSGENDER filmmaker is rocking it in NYC!

FOR EVERYBODY: What it will feel like when you get your first paid gig?

FOR EVERYBODY: Jessica tells us her professional and mental journey from working in a survival job in Columbus, Ohio, to working full time in the film industry in LA!

FOR EVERYBODY: Want to work for Disney? Want to move to LA?
See how Jessica did it coming from Columbus, OH.

FOR EVERYBODY: How to break in professionally when you’re surrounded by negativity?

FOR EVERYBODY: Looking for your niche in film?

Mike was worried people in the industry would be cut throat and not open to letting him in!

With the mentorship program, he went from make no money to full time in the film industry. He’s created his niche to be SPECIAL EFFECTS!

FOR EVERYBODY: How do you get out of “job jail” and get people to support your dreams?

AJ had celebrity friends…but even they didn’t help much. Only YOU know the life you want. How do you reach for it?

OMG! OMG! OMG! AJ was homeless when he found Friends in Film. Now he lives a life people dream about!

FOR EVERYBODY: If you are worried you can’t do this, watch this.

FOR EVERYBODY: If you want to know where you could be in a year, watch this.

FOR EVERYBODY: What if you’re in a rut, trying to make it happen, but out of ideas?

Anna Lee was a struggling actor who was scared about her future and worked at Starbucks. Once she got in the mentorship program, she has ditched the “job jail”, lost 30 lbs, gained tremendous confidence, and works on Chicago Fire!

FOR EVERYBODY: How did John get connected to all the big shows in Chicago?

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