Want to work for the BBC? Want to make $1500 per day? Friends in Film baby!

Want to work for the BBC? Want to make $1500 per day? Friends in Film baby! The FIF Craft Certification program shows a different way to get into the industry and learn while you’re on set. Don’t go into massive debt to get into the film industry.

Most people who want to break into the film industry go to film school, going deep into debt. They don’t understand the reality of the business. The film industry runs on connections. When you start out, your resume or your technical skills often isn’t the most important thing. Everyone starts out as a production assistant, whether they went to film school or not.

Film professionals usually want to get to know you first. They often want to know if you are good to work with. When they like you, they are likely to teach you everything you need to know about your craft. You can learn on set, getting practical experience while they pay you.

Network with professionals to get onto set. The techniques you use to get onto set are the same ones that will accelerate your career.

Avoid time wasting traps.

What are your passions? What are your skills?

Did you know your skills from regular life can help you on set? You may not know what you don’t know that you already have going for you.

You can retool some of your life and work experiences to the set.

Isabel worked at Starbucks. She stepped up to create her life in film out of thin air. This business runs on connections. Isabel made connections and learned what she needed on set without film school. She works now for NBC and Netflix.

There is no better life than working with people you love to be around in an industry you dream of being in.

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