So, I was on a shoot last week at the InyoKern airport, about 3 hours north of Los Angeles, near the Sierra Nevadas.  (beautiful) and I get this call, "Hey Janet, Chris ___ here.  (I didn't know this guy), Hey we've got a shoot in Costa Rica, are you available from Saturday the 8th to Saturday the 18th?"  

I'm like "Let me check my schedule and get back to you!"  This shoot was only 2 days away!  

So I rescheduled a little shoot that I was supposed to do, and called them back and said "I'm IN!"   We did a little negotiating back and forth on the rate, through email (because they were already in Costa Rica).   I gave them my passport number so they could make all the arrangements….


And now I'm in Costa Rica!  

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Now this next video, I did the next day.  You'll get to see what life is like, working on location…

The video below has some photos of our shoot and some live video while we're shooting!