Tips On Monologues

A-list Mentor Lera loves to spill her tips on monologues. She is originally from Siberia and today lives her film industry dream. She knows what challenging times are. Her tips work for men and women of all ages because she’s learned from experience.

Many actors go through tough times to make it in film. The solution through tough times is to listen to people like Lera who have been through it.

Be smart. Speed up your acting career by listening to Lera. She already knows about many reasons why people struggle.

Right now is a great time to practice monologues. You can improve your acting skills while at home. You can work on your self-tape.

Spend some time to research plays. Pulitzer Prize winning plays are a great choice. Train yourself on great monologues, whichever ones you decide on.

This is the time to find monologues to practice on. You don’t want to wait for the last minute to start practicing.

The best thing you can do is practice. Practice! Practice! Practice! Practice early, and practice often.

Pick monologues that inspire you and move you. When you are excited about your monologue, you will present your character realistically.

Lera chooses monologues she gets inspired by. It’s why she is so successful.

Actors who practice early and often have the edge. Casting directors take notice.

Productions are making plans to ramp up work as soon as sets open back up. This means that on-line auditions are happening now.

If you have an audition the next day, the night before is not the time to begin practicing. That’s like cramming for an exam.

It is more important than ever to stay engaged and pursue your acting dream. The shut-down is temporary, and there is a lot of planning going on.

When production resumes, there will be a back-log of work that the film industry will need to complete.

Be ready.

Even during these times, Lera is busy working on her craft. You need to be working on your craft too.

Prepare and you will be brilliant.


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