Self Tape Tips and Advice – Write Your Name on Your Self Tape

Ania shares some self-tape tips and advice – write your name on your self-tape and more. These are tape tips great for self-tapes made by actors. It’s easy to do, even on an iPhone.

Film is an exciting industry to work in, and it requires great attention to detail. Listen to Ania, who is successful. There are plenty of small things that can go awry and quash progress. She gets into the nooks and crannies, that nitty gritty where aspiring talent trying to triumph trip over tiny technicalities.

Attention to detail propels careers.

Ania teaches that the name and surname must go on the file so that the casting director knows who is submitting. That makes sense, but also consider the instructions from casting. Miss a small detail and the casting director will pass over the submission. These small details can be lots of different things, and they matter. Perhaps they need to open the file with a particular extension. They’ll say so in their instructions. Make sure the file extension is correct.

Get the minuscule details. It’s the difference between being seen and getting lost in the cyber files of a casting computer.  When an actor follows submission guidelines, the casting director knows the actor will follow directions on set. It’s those few people they want to see.

Become one of the few.

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