Research Photographers

Your headshot represents you as an actor, so you must research photographers. Everyone claims they can take good headshots, but not everyone can. The film industry is a fast-paced business. Casting will only look at your headshots for a few seconds before deciding about you. You want to stand out to casting directors. A professional headshot will get you noticed.

This means you need to be ready to pay money. A-list Mentor Lera paid $1200 for her most recent headshots.

She could have paid less money for headshot.

She considers her headshot photo to be an investment, and so should you. Lera does her research to find her photographers. She fell in love with Sam Rockwell’s headshot. She felt the investment was worthwhile to hire the same photographer.

Lera spends time researching. She knows how to find the best people. Her photographer took a headshot that represents the look she wants to achieve.

Investing your time researching photographers is one way to have an edge in this industry.

When you’re an actor, you need an edge. That’s why you need to think of your headshot as an investment. The film industry is a business, one that hordes of people dream of working in. You need to get ahead.

You need to retake your headshots every six months to a year, depending on how your physical look changes. If you change your look sooner, like cutting your hair, then you are going to need new headshots.

Lera loves what she does. She gets to work in the film industry. She gets up every day, excited to be a part of Hollywood.

She takes time to research photographers. It’s why she gets to work in the industry. She thinks about the money she spends and her time on research as investments.

Lera is successful, and can splurge on top name photographers. You don’t have to go crazy with the money you invest on headshots.

You are going to invest money on headshots. There is simply no way around it.

Lera gives us a tip. Quality headshots in New York area run about $600, maybe a little less.

It’s tips from experts like Lera that can give you confidence you are going about your career the right way. Avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that derail dreams. Don’t waste valuable time and money fixing errors later.

She’s originally from Siberia and now lives the Hollywood dream. You can succeed in this industry coming from anywhere in life.

You need new headshots every six months to a year. Do your research the right way. Get professional headshots the first time and every time.


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