More info: How a pandemic will change the industry (and why it might be good news for you)

Here is more info: How a pandemic will change the industry (and why it might be good news for you). The coronavirus pandemic has shuttered film production. From coast to coast to across the world, cameras are sitting idle and studios are closed. Don’t assume that nothing is happening, though. Think about all the stuff you’ve been watching at home. You can’t even live without entertainment.

Most people look at uncertainty and get nervous. Uncertainty paralyzes people from taking action and doing. This pandemic has definitely thrown us into uncertain times.

We are in a time of unique opportunity to launch your career. It is certain that filming will start up again. The signs are already there. Procedures are being put in place and plans to film are already being made.

The film industry can’t help but work. This means there will be a backlog of work. That means there is greater opportunity for you to break in.

It’s a great opportunity to re-kindle your dreams of working in film. Don’t let this pandemic, nor the uncertainty of life itself, stop you from pursuing what you love.

Many years ago, there was a union strike. Smart people survived it and thrived when work restarted. A strike and a pandemic are two very different things, yet the effects on the film industry are similar. When things re-opened after the strike, there was a pent-up demand for new workers, and seasoned people moved into higher positions.

This is thinking beyond the immediate moment. See it as an opportunity – an opportunity to explore, to learn, and to rekindle your passions.

When filming starts up again, there will likely be more opportunities than usual to begin a career and move up in your craft.

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