Making friends in the film industry Networking leads to job opportunities

Making friends in the film industry and networking leads to job opportunities. There are many different types of jobs on filmsets. Understand how different jobs function as part of the whole and you’re easy to work with. The film industry is a great place to make friends for life. You’ll be networking with your friends your entire career, since all the job opportunities come from the inside.

Getting work in the film industry is all about who you know. It’s a people business. The biggest challenge to breaking in is making those initial connections.

Once you break through, you need to cultivate friendships with insiders.

Whether you are first breaking in or looking to move into your craft, you need the right mindset.  People who wind up in dead ends are only thinking about themselves and their ambitions. Insiders can tell when someone puts themselves before the production.

All professionals understand that you want to advance your career, so stay focused on the needs of the production, not on yourself.

Your mindset and energy on set is the difference between being that production assistant who goes nowhere for years and the professional who rises to the top.

There is no substitute for being on set, which is where you really learn everything.

Jake went to set and made friends instead of worrying whether the pros thought he was doing a good job.

Have the energy that attracts people to you.

People on a film set can be under a lot of pressure. There are budgets and timelines to meet. Just think of the production ahead of yourself. Everyone will love you for it.

Think of the production and make friends on set.

Long lasting friendships make careers.

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