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I was in a place without any hope at all; entrapped in fear. I have grown up with the desire to act, but always have been discouraged by everyone for it. I have been laughed at, mocked and even forbidden to try and learn the art to the point my parents called the school so I wouldn’t be allowed to try out for any plays. Hearing how stupid the dream is and how it is impossible, I really did slip into a sense of worthlessness and depression. I have never had anyone actually seem capable of believing in me which made it impossible to believe in myself.

That is when Friends in Film kept popping up. After weeks of thinking about it, I took a leap of faith and haven’t regretted it at all! I came into FIF and found a group that did more than just show me my dream can become a reality. It provided me with a group that supports me, encourages me and stands by me during this process. I have gotten more encouragement from this group than I have from my family! Now I have a new sense of hope for my dream and I can say life in general. Now I am living it, not where I wish to be, but I have been on multiple film sets and have more coming up! I know I have a mentor that I can email if I need help and she cares about us and desires to see us succeed so she will do whatever she can to help us.

This past weekend, I was asked to come on set for a short film for another production company. Many of the actors and other crew members have never seen me before. Every time I am there they talk about how great of a PA I am…even on the first day they didn’t believe me that I have never done it before. It was encouraging. Maybe this is my talent? The place I actually belong? It was so cool! It is a new found hope!

This mentorship isn’t just about preparing us for the film business but so much more. It is preparing us for life! The things that are taught can be used in everyday life. The program helps you grow in the film business, but mentally, spiritually and even emotionally! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t use something taught by Janet.

God bless,

Tarran G.

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