Is it possible to take control of your career?

Alice said, “I am afraid of taking the wrong steps and burning bridges. I’m afraid of letting go of control and worrying about the how.”

Here is my answer:

Instead of trying to keep control of everything, how about if you just trusted yourself? If we are trying to control things, we’re trying to make things go our way. And we’re not knowing if we’re doing the right thing, or the most effective thing. A lot of energy is put into trying to make people like you and do what you want them to do.

You may find that the more you try to control things, the more you feel like you have no control, like you’re just not effective in making things happen.

So what if you gave up trying to control things and instead had faith in yourself? That would mean that you would be willing to try new things with no idea of the outcome. In fact, you would trust that it’s all okay, you’re doing your best and let the outcome be what it is…You’ll just try again and have faith that good things will happen because you stay in the game…And YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO!

How does it feel to go out there and do things you love?

Do you feel powerful?

Do you feel happy?

Do you feel like your growing everyday?

Ahhhh, now this way of living is much more fun…and will actually attract those opportunities like crazy.

So think of yourself as a happy little butterfly going along, doing your thing and expecting great things to happen.

People just want to be around people like that.

The film industry will definitely be attracted to somebody like that.

Versus somebody who’s trying to control things.

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See you over there! : – )

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