Is it OK to toot your own horn?

Actors:   Is it OK to put yourself out there over and over?   Aren’t people going to get annoyed?   Aren’t they going to get sick of you tooting your own horn?

If you’re worried about this, read what John Henry has to say below.

Here is my take:   Hey, you’re an actor.   You make money on your face, your skills.   You are freelance.   YOU are your own business.

How is anyone supposed to know that you are out there, ready to work, if you don’t tell them?

If you don’t repeatedly remind them that you are there, ready to work?!

Part of success in this business, is successfully planting that seed.   Over and over.   So, here is John Henry’s awesome article!


Should I toot my own horn?   by:  John Henry Soto

Look at me!!  Look at me!!!  Is that what I look like to others? 

That’s what I think to myself about all the projects I post on social media.  Any role I land in a commercial, film, TV or web series, I’m posting!  Why?  Is it because I love it when people LIKE my post and make the standard comment, “That’s great John!” or maybe I wasn’t hugged enough as a child.  Whatever the reason I have a tendency to beat myself up about it and cut back on the JHS marketing train.  It can take me anywhere from 2 seconds to 2 days to recover and start the engine again. 

Why did I feel I should stop in the first place? 

I mean, I don’t post videos of cats attacking pen lights with a girl laughing hysterically in the background.   Not because I don’t like cats.  I do.  I just don’t like pen lights. 

How I get myself back to being my number one fan is simple. 

I remember one important factor. 

95% of all the work I book happened because I wasn’t afraid to put myself out there and make myself known. 

Social media and mingling on a set can be very effective if you’re confident that you have something to offer. 

If you can look at yourself in the mirror and say, I can make any project better by just being there, then you’re on the right track. 

Getting there takes hard work on your craft and making sure that you’re always helping someone along the way but the bottom line is that YOU have to be your biggest fan.  Not your agent or manager. 

And you know what, It’s ok to be your own fan.  It really is.  Arrogance and a genuine appreciation for what you do and how you do it are two very different things.  Get out there and show them what you got but more importantly, be proud of it.  JHS

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