How to not look new

This last week I worked 2 days on a lower budget commercial. A Production Supervisor friend who I've worked with for years called me for it.

It was fun… but you could tell that it was definitely more B team than A team.

Some people were either NEW or some might just not have been that good.

Like we spent 45 minutes setting up for a shot, only to discover the lights were reflecting in the glass in the cabinets. Total re-light. That would never happen on most of the commercials I'm on.

Other clues:

The 1st AC said "101 A" instead of "101 Apple".

When one is experienced, they are like butter to work with.

Otherwise, you give off clues that you are new and inexperienced.

It is not bad that you are new….

But, if you're aware, you can make a point NOT do some of these things… and look years ahead of where you actually are.

This is just some of the material I teach my people in our mentorship programs. But I thought it's good food for thought for those of you who cannot yet be in one of our mentorship programs.

The point is, these people are in the business and working. And still they aren't like butter to work with.

So, if you make a point of being so aware to study the flow of the set, to watch for things that can get us behind schedule, to listen to the words used and use them correctly…

instead of just going with the flow and not learning that much…

If you can do that, you will stand out and your approach will cause you to get more work and build a career faster than most people.

Food for thought!

love, Janet

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