How to go from $60K debt to being a camera operator!

Goren figured out how to go from $60,000 in debt to being a camera operator! The film industry is full of possibility when you know how to connect with professionals. You don’t need experience to break into the film industry, just some guts and the right mentality. You can learn everything you need to know on set, just like an apprenticeship. Goren went from real estate rentals in New York City to director of photography. He started as a camera assistant, did video production, and went to camera operator jobs.

You can get paid while learning your craft.

The film industry is booming. No matter where you live, shoots are happening.

Fear and misinformation stops so many people from pursuing their dreams of working in the film industry.

Don’t let fear stop you. You can do this.

Every day that goes by that you don’t work towards breaking into this fantastic industry is a lost opportunity.

Goren wasn’t sure if he could succeed. The film industry seemed intimidating to him. $60,000 of debt complicated matters.

Many people who aren’t on the inside think this business is bewildering.  They are afraid of so many things.

At one point, fear stopped Goren, but he remembered his dreams every day. He asked himself how badly he wanted to work in the film industry. His desire to break in overcame his fears. One day, he went for it.

For Goren, it was a leap full of fear and hope, but his hope was stronger. That’s the power of hope.

Watch the video if you haven’t already.  He loves his work as director of photography.

Are you in a similar place Goren once was?

Ask yourself how badly you want to be in the film industry. Ask yourself if you want to wake up every day loving the work you do. Ask yourself if your happiness is worth it to you. Then see yourself in only a short time from now working on set with people who are as excited as you to be in the film industry.

You can be on set sooner than you can imagine,  loving your job, and making lifelong friends.

It’s great to have your dreams. When you act upon your dreams, great things happen.

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