How to break into film and television when you live in a small town

Attention daredevils! Many people who want to do stunts in the film industry live in rural areas and small towns. They pack their bags and move to one of the big city centers, mistakenly believing there is no work where they live. This kind of stunt usually backfires. Dreamers spend big money on big-town schooling, wasting years of their life because they don’t understand how the industry operates.

Dare to read on!

There is filming happening everywhere! Anyone can start out from where they are living. Industry professionals work everywhere, and they train people from scratch if they have the right energy and attitude.

A-list Mentor Parker is a hugely successful stunt professional. She has worked with some of the biggest names in stunts, including Master Michael Chaturantabut, the blue force on The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, as well as Ilrom Choi, the main stunt performer on Avatar.

Parker didn’t begin her career in Los Angeles. She started in small-town America, from Ohio, with little means but with the personality film industry professionals crave. She has the right energy and a great attitude, critical ingredients for success in film.

Parker networked her way from small-town Ohio to Los Angeles.

For most people, working with high-powered celebrities is a distant fantasy. For Parker, it’s another day on the job!

Maybe that sounds like rare luck, but it isn’t.

Parker joined A-list method while living in Ohio. Much to her surprise, and against conventional wisdom, she uncovered plenty of film work happening all around her. Indeed, it’s advantageous to start in a small market, get connections, and then move to the big cities.

Most people do the opposite. They move to the big cities, take classes and audition, but the only place they wind up is back home.

The thing most people never learn is that the ways of success in the film industry is opposite from most people’s expectations. Careers in the ordinary work world require credentials and skills and sometimes requires a move to a big city.

Filming happens everywhere. Learn how to find the work, break in, and get ahead.

A-list Mentor Parker went from small-town Ohio to big-city Los Angeles. She networked her way to top stunt performers and trainers in Los Angeles. She already had film industry connections when she moved to Los Angeles, unlike those who move to Los Angeles cold and give up.

The more connections she makes, the more she advances her career.

Parker even belongs to an invite-only secret gym where huge Hollywood names work out. She works out alongside Nickelback and Aerosmith, as well as lead actors and producers. There, she makes even more connections. Parker makes those connections as a peer, with a great attitude and fantastic energy, and the skills she learned on set.



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