How do you deal with uncertainty in your film career?

If you worrying about how you’re going to make our career in film, I felt the same way when I started.

We lay in bed at night, thinking, “Am I moving fast enough? Am I moving too quickly? What if I can’t pay my bills?”

This is normal. In fact, I had the same anxieties and fears. I’d compare myself to others. I’d worry that I wasn’t moving as quickly as others. I’d wonder if I had what it takes.

The fact is you need to be comfortable with being freelance in the film industry… where there is constant change… and also massive excitement and creativity! Sometimes, you have to be OK with getting 4-5 hours of sleep because, the next day, and you’re back on set.

In fact, if you need the constant routine and structure, the film industry may not be for you. You have to lose the nine-to-five mentality. You might be better in marketing or sales.

The film industry isn’t always comfortable; but it’s exciting. It’s really, really freaking exciting!

And it is super rewarding financially also! This is a high-paying industry where you will go on to make more money than almost any of you are doing right now.

But the reward comes with constant dedication and unnoticed sacrifices. You have to be willing to adapt to this life. And that means you have to deal with uncertainty of being a freelance film professional.

It is a different life than 9-5. And it is an extraordinary life the most people won’t dare to create… but if you’re willing to keep learning, keep making connections, there will be a lot of satisfaction that comes from doing something creative with your life.

Yes it’s uncertain, but that’s what makes it worthwhile! You will have done what most people only dream about.

And creating this freelance career, may not be comfortable all the time… but it is worth it!

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